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FAQ : Fourth Street Cases

Case 5: You did not start off with a good three-card hand.

1. If you have a stronger board, what should you do?

You should obviously bet.

2. What might happen on fifth poker street?

If you catch good card and he catches bad card, the pot is yours.

3. What if your hands appear equal on fourth street, but you really does not have a three-card hand?

You should just check and expect to get a free card.

4. What if your rival bets?

You should throw away your hand.

5. What if your hand is average, such as a three-card ten to start, and you both catch babies?

You should check expecting for a fre cared but if your rival bets, you have a marginal call.

Case 6: Your rival may not have started with three good cards, but you did .

1. Will you call a bet if you catch a bad card and he catches good card on fourth street ?

Yes, especially if your cards are live.

2. Why should your call be automatic in this situation?

This is because you should have already poker re-raise him on third street, there is enough money in the pot to justify a call on fourth street .

Case 7: Multi-way on fourth street

1. What if one online poker plyar catches bad and the other two catch good card?

You should try to put the bad hand in the middle, never stop raising, even if you have the second best hand by a little bit.

2. What is much better in this situation?

It is better to get the player who has caught bad hand to fld.

3. How is this normally done?

Play the hand in such a manner that he will have to call a double bet. You should either try to check-raise or bet expecting to be raised. It all depends on the position of the cards.

4. For instance you catch the high card when can you play on fourth poker street ?

You can play if one low hand has bet and the other low hand has called, and you know that there will be no raisers behind you.

5. Is it always correct to call at this point?

No. Even if you don't fear a raise, only call if you have a very smooth and live three-card hand. (You can loose a little bit if there has been a double raise on fourth street ).

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