Third Street


As we stated in the introduction to this section, play on third poker street in seven card stud is quite complicated. Thus, even though we have examined a great deal of material, situations occasionally arise that we did not cover. But if you study what we have written you should understand the general concepts and therefore be able to handle just about any difficulty that occurs.

Remember that the most important decision you will make in ceven card stud is whether to play your poker hand. Mistakes made on third street can quickly compound themselves ad become quite costly. Also, keep in mind that some hands play better heads-up, while others play better multiway.

In fact, as the text shows, some hands that should be played heads-up for a raise or reraise should be thrown away if you have several oponents. Conversely, some hands that should be played multiway should be folded if you believe the pot will probably be heads-up.

Finally, the most difficult third-street stragty to master is that relating to small and medium pairs. As stated previously, these hands are significantly worse than playing big pairs. Don’t automatically play small or medium pairs. And, unless you are on a steal, make sure that they are live when you do play them.

If you follow the guidelines, gaming news these hands can be played for substantial profit. Otherwise, they can become quite costly.