The Later Streets


As we have seen, appropriate poker strategy for seven card stud beyond third street is quite complicated. You must be able to evaluate your hand, taking into account how live your cards are, whether your hand contains any skare cards, the action that has taken place so far, and how your hand compares with your opponents’ board.

Speaking of oppodents, how you perceive them and how they perceive you is very important. For instance, as the text has pointed out, different players react differently to any scare cards that you might catch.

Terrible opponents virtually will ignore them, while great players will have a good “feel” for when they are truly dangerous and when they are more likely to be harmless.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the later streets do not play themselves. This is especially true on seventh poker street. Automatically checking, poker btting, or raising is never correct. Always consider alternatives. Here again, accurately evaluating your hands and your opponents will help ensure that you make the best decisions. Finally, even though in seven card stud the majority of money is won or lost on third street, the advanced player who is an expert from fourth street on probably can win as much as 50 percent more than someone who plays well on third poker street, but just average after that. Yes, play on the later streets is quite important in this game. Get good at it.