Miscellaneous Topics


One point that we have emphasized repeatedly is that seven card stud is an extremely complicated game. This is easily seen by all the topics covered in this section alone. In fact, it is probably fair to say that no book on sevn card stud can cover everything, simply because there are so many possible situations, and individual play is quite diverse.

The most significant error that typical players make is to call when someone has paired their door card. The section that discusses this concept is extremely important. Remember, if you are in doubt, throw you hand away!

Also keep in mind to avoid playing similar hands the same way all the time. Some variation is needed to throw the better players off. However, as we have pointed out, a lot of deception is not needed against the weaker players. Against this type of oppoent, solid play is usually best and will get the money. And remember, those hands that are the best candidates for deceptive plays are the ones where you do not give up much when you check instead of bet.

Also, a lot of the fancier poker strategies that we have discussed are correct only when the situation and / or conditions are right.

Don’t fall into the trap of making a lot of great plays just to make great plays. You should be trying to win the most money, not to impress everyone at the table.