Playing in Loose Games


It is true that if you play your normal tough game and assume that your opponents are playing well you should still win money in these easy loose games. But you won’t win as much as you would if you made some adjustments.

The right stategey to beat loose games is very different than what many people think. The idea is not to immediately punish someone because you happen to have an edge. It is often correct to wait till a later round where your edge might be bigger to make your move. on the other hand, you may discover that your advantage has disappeared and you will be happy that you did not put in those extra bets earlier.

Bad players who play too many hands and go too far with their hands are ideal oppoments. But you must make significant adjustments to exploit them to the fullest. This includes what hands you play, which hands you raise with and which hands you don’t, and how you play those hands on the later streets.

It’s always important to keep in mind that when the pots become very large the most important aspect to your poker strategy should be to win them. However, as we pointed out in the text, winning some of these hands is not just a matter of betting. Sometimes, as we have shown, it may be best not to bet at all so that you can try for a raise on the next round.

To conclude this section we want to point out that there is no shortage of loose games. In fact, at the time of this writing, the majority of stud games in crdrooms around the country are of the loose variety.

Of course, on average, the small limit games are looser than the higher limit games (with the possible exception of some very high limit games that have a very large enta structure ), and the quality of games does vary with location. But, if you understand the ideas in this section you should be able to exploit these games to the maximum whenever you find yourself sitting with weak players who play too many hands and go too far with them.