Other Skills


As we have just seen, reading poker hands and psychology are extremely important aspects of seven card stud. Put another way, this game is too complex to play by rote. If you always play a certain hand in a certain position a certain way, your game can use a lot of improvement.

You must take into account your obbonents, how the current hand has been played, how former hands were played, your opponents’ perceptions of you, and so on. If you don’t consider these factors, you may be able to win, but you never will achieve expert status.

Many of the ideas in this section are most powerful against decent players that is, players who play in predictable patterns and who are capable of realizing things when at the poker tble, especially if they play weak tight. Against bad players, stright forward play is usually the best approach, and against extremely good players, these ideas will only keep you about even with them.

Finally, some players put too much emphasis on the two topics just covered. They are certainly very important, but they are just some of the weapons that the expert has in his seven kard stud arsenal. Skill in reading poker hands and poker psychology, combined with all the other ideas and concepts that we have addressed, will produce a top player. But as we have stated before, this requires a great deal of thinking about the game and lots of experience playing seven card stud.

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