Playing in Loose Games

Getting High Implied Odds

It makes a big difference if you can get in for merely the bring-in with a hand like


This is because you are looking to catch perfect and take advantage of the high implied odds that getting in cheaply will provide. So when the game is good, you should play more hands, such as one gap three-straights, but only if it appears that you can get in cheaply with them.

The trap that you don’t want to get into is poker calling with hands that won’t make enough profitable situations. So you throw away a hand like


particularly if your hands is not live. (You might play if a nine was dead and the situation was very favorable, but it can just about never be correct if a five is already out.)On the other hand, if you are in a loose, passive poker game where they usually call, but only occasionally reraese, you should play any pair with a two-flush. You should also be playing a hand like


under the gun, and anything better. You should play these hands because you are going to win a lot when you hit them.

That is, you take advantage of their bad play. Conversely, you often shouldn’t raise with your medium pairs and sometimes not even with your high pairs in spots where you would raise in tougher, tighter games.