Playing in Loose Games

It’s Important to Have Other Outs

If your big pair also contains a two-flush (or your three-flush also contains a two-straight) it’s a giant advantage in loose poker games. One of the nice things about raising with a big pair and a two-flush on third street is that if you catch two more suited cards you welcome all smaller pairs calling on fifth street. They may be right to call if you only had the big pair, but the four-flush will give you more ways to beat them. Now you want them to call.

Thus, one of the reasons to raise on third street with a pair and a two-flussh is because you might pick up a draw in addition to your pair. By your making the pot bigger, people now play hands that can’t win against your hand if you hit the flush.

Let’s be specific. Suppose you hold:


If several players in front of you have just called, you should raise (unless your hand is dead) if you are in a game where the players are fairly weak. However if they are tough you should just call.