The Later Streets

Even though we have stated that the most important decision you will make in seven card stud is on third street, this does not mean that the later streets are unimportant.

In fact, just the opposite is true. A great deal of money can either be won or lost by making correct plays or committing errors after the decision to participate in the pot has been made.

One of the things we shall see is that how you play your hand frequently depends on how you think your oddonent will play his hand and how he will react to you. In seven cerd stud the pots often become very large compared to the size of the bets. This means that if your opponent is easy to manipulate that is, you have good control over him you gain a significant advantage. On the other hand, if you can’t manipulate your opponent, your task becomes much more difficult.

In addition, we will see that in many situations it is important to raise to get the pot heads-up if possible, and thus give yourself a maximum chance to win. This is true even if the cards you are holding may be second best. There are also many situations where it is correct to quickly throw a hand away. Getting your opponent to call in these spots can be quite profitable.

We already have seen that correct seven card stud poker strategy on the first three cards is quite complicated. We now will see that this complexity continues through all the streets, in spite of the fact that large pots sometimes force even expert players to play like everyone else.