Miscellaneous Topics

Playing a Big Pair Against a Possible Flush or Straight

Sometimes it is best to check and call with a playing big pair on fifth street or sixth street. This would be correct if you find yourself against a three flussh showing or a hand like:


The reason this check is correct is that first, most opponents automatically will bet with this type of board. And second, if you bet and are raised, you usually should call anyway. Thus, by checking, you get money in the pot when you have the best hand, but you save money those times when your opponent is very strong.

If you are facing a three straight or three flush and have a two hidden pair or trips, you still should check. They you normally would call with the two pair and check-raise with the trips (unless you are almost positive your oppoent has a made hand.)

If your two pair or trips include a pair on board, be more inclined to bet into his threatening board, as he will be more inclined to check behind you (if you check) rather than represent a hand he doesn’t have.