Miscellaneous Topics

Playing Big Cards Against a Medium Pair

Suppose on third street, you have a hand like


and a medium upcard such as an eight raises, meaning that you are against a likely medium poker pair. The correct play is to reraise if there is no more than one high card behind you and your hand is live. Otherwise fold.

The reason for raising is that you would prefer to play heads-up. This is particularly true if you are against an opponent who does not require a big kicker to raise.

On fourth poker street, if you catch bad, you usually should bet. This allows you to set up a steal on fifth street, assuming that your opponent calls your bet on fourth street (as he probably will).

The time to attempt a steal on fifth street is when your opponent catches a second blank. For example, if your oddonent’s board is something like


you should bet no matter what you may have. It is especially nice if you pair your fourth street card, as this almost guarantees stealing the pot with the worse hand.