Third Street

Playing Extra Hand Heads-Up

Earlier we mentioned that you want to play as many profitable extra poker hadns as possible. Many of these occur in multiway heads-up situations. Let’s talk about some of them.

If you can get heads-up with someone who plays badly, plays too loose, can be easily, then you should play many hands against him. Let’s see why this is so.

Suppose you are in an eight-handed $ 30-$60 game. If we don’t count the bet on the river you will be risking $ 180 to win $230 assuming that there is a bet on every street. But if you find yourself against someone who does not always bet every round, you may be risking as little as $ 120 to win that $230. So against this person (in a heads-up situation), you should play many hands that might not normally be worth it, especially if he can be manipulated.

Here’s an example. A player with an eight raises, you have and think that he only


has a pair of eights. First, notice that there are many cards that you can that will scare him. This includes all cards above an eight. In addition, you know that one of his eights is out. If no one else is in and you are in a late position, you can play this hand. If it comes out badly on the next card, for example, you catch a trey and he catches a suited

Unless you are against a very tricky player, the bet on the end usually, but not always, favors the drawing poker hand.

nine, you should fold. But if it comes out good, you can become the aggressor. However, you need to be heads-up. If someone else has called his third street raise, you should throw this hand away.