Playing in Loose Games

Today there are many new players participating, resulting in much looser games, especially on the East Coast. It is not uncommon, even at the higher limits, to find many players who not only play too many hands, but go too far with their hands.

Needless to say, for the skilled player these games are very profitable. But they do require significant adjustments and many otherwise winning players do not to a good job in this area. In addition, we have yet to see any advice that is totally accurate on how to play in loose games, even though much has been written.

This being the case, we have added an expanded “Playing in Loose Games” section to this 21st Century Edition of seven card stud for Advanced Players. We suggest that you read it many times. It contains some ideas that are quite sophisticated and very different from what you may have previously read. We also know that this advice in the appropriate poker game can be highly profitable.