Playing in other Non-Standard Games

This text is designed for the medium limit games, most specifically the $ 15-$ 30 limit with a $2 ante and a $ 5 bring-in, up through the $ 30-$60 limit with a $ 5 antre and $ 10 bring-in. In addition, we are thinking of a game with a couple of very good players, but also several weaker ones. In general, the play is not too tight, nor is it extremely loose. In other words, we are talking about a typical seven card stud game at medium limits that you would find in a major cradroom in either Nevada, California, New Jersey, or elsewhere.

Unfortunately, not all games are played as described above. Some forms of ceven card stud play somewhat differently mainly because of the way they are structured, or because they are either very loose or extremely tight. That is, the ante and betting limits may be different, or the players themselves may not play in what we would consider a typical fashion.

In any case, these poker games require some changes in staretgy to win the optimal amount. (See the previous section on “Playing in Loose Games.”) Of course, most of the concepts which we’ve already discussed and will discuss still apply. But thee are some changes that need to be pointed out.