Third Street

Randomizing Your Play

There is something else about the cards that are out that can swing your decisions. It is that they are a good randomizing device for your deceptive plays. Specifically, on third poker street (and fourth street) instead of making your deceptive plays with unacceptable hands, you can make them with reasonable hands. The cards that are out or the number of players in the pot can help you do something other than what appears to be normal.

Suppose for various technical reasons you determine that it is proper strateghy to just call with a pair of kings in a particular situation when one of the kings is up. Three things will usually result. First, most of the players won’t put you on that hand as it is being played. Second, once your hand is exposed, all but the best players will simply think that you were merely trying to be tricky that hand. And third, when you call in some other spot with a king up-perhaps you have a three-fuslh your occonents will worry that you have kings. Virtually no one will realize that you flat called because of your position or the upcards.

For example, you would just call with kings when there are a few people already in, and one or two of your cards are dead. So if your opponents don’t realize that these factors are part of your decision making process, they will think that you are just mixing it up for random reasons. That is, and this is very important, you will get your randomness without actually having to be random. In fact, in seven- card stud none of your decisions need to be based on randomness as they might be in other games. You can mix it up enough for reasons that virtually non one understands.