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Play on sixth street is like stopping to fill up your car with gas on a road trip – you make a brief stop along the way to your destination.  In the this case, your destination is seventh street – the showdown – and you can’t get there without stopping at sixth street along the way.  The majority of the times you’re on sixth street, you’ll either be playing hard or trying to limp to the river to complete your hand.

There will, however, be a few times when you will have to lay down a hand at sixth street.  Most of the time, though, you’ll use sixth street to build up the pot before it is turned over to you, or to sweat it out and pray to the poker gods that the river will yield you that beautiful card to complete your hand.  In this section, we’ll look at the different ways you need to play at this stage of the hand.

The monster Hands

You’ve been staring at those three jacks for what seems like the longest time, and you’re playing your hand beautifully.  But there’s that knot in your stomach- you’re hoping and praying to complete your full house so you can be more at ease and certain that you’ll win this pot.  And then, it happens.  The perfect card comes to give you that monster full house or, wonder of wonders, quad jacks.  Ah, the monsters hand.  Few things are as beautiful.

No More Slow-Playing

So, now that you have the monster hand, what do you do with it?  In the section on fifth street, I pointed out that it was a good ideas to slow-play this hand.  Slow-playing lets the other hands stick around while you wait for them to build up a pot that you’re going to win.

But slow-playing is no longer the right thing to do here.  Here you should just keep raising.  You have a powerful hand, and if you bang away by raising and re-raising, you won’t find that too many people will fold.  Remember, for most people, sixth street is just a stop on the journey to the river, and folding here is unthinkable.

As a result, no matter how much you bang away, most players are going to stay in.  They feel married to their hands for having stayed in it this long. Even if a player knows he’s drawing to the second-best hand, he’ll pay you off anyway.  Another reason so many players will stay in here no matter what you do is that the curiosity kills them.  If they fold on sixth street, they will never know if they would have completed their hands or not – so it’s worth it to them to call no matter what you do.

The one instance where calling with a monster hand is the best decision is if you play at a card club (as I do) where there is a “bad beat” jackpot.  At my favorite card room, if you lose with aces full of 10s or better, you split a jackpot with Poker Player you lost to, and other players at the table also get a share.  If you’re playing under these conditions, just check or call until the river so as not to force out players and give yourself a chance at the jackpot.  If, however, you are playing in a home game or at a club that has no jackpot or a different kind of jackpot, play this hand hard – have no fear of Poker players folding, since that isn’t going to happen.  They don’t care how much it costs them – they are determined to see the last card.

Quick Guide….
….to Monster Hands on Sixth Street:

  • RAISE- most of the time – don’t worry about slow-playing, since players are in for the long haul.
  • CALL if you play at a card club that has a “bad beat” jackpot and your hand qualifies.


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