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When they haven’t improved their trips to quads or a full house at fifth street, some players who are passive more of a tendency just to call.  This was a problem for me when I first started playing.  I was certainly happy to have trips, but there was that nervous voice inside of me that told me just to call, bet cautiously, and waits until I got my full house before playing aggressively.

The fact is that playing that way will cost you money.  You have two cards to come, and the odds are not bad that you will end up with full house – about 2.5 to 1.  But, just like with flushes and straights, you want to play this hand as hard as possible to force out hands that could threaten you if you don’t improve your hand.  You cannot be thinking, “I will improve.” Instead you must be thinking, “I want to win with this even if I don’t improve.”

One thing that can be intimidating for players with trips is a bigger pair or two on the board.  Say you’ve holding trip 9s, and a pair of jacks on the board bets.  Another player calls, and he has a three-flush on the board.  That cautious voice inside of you may say “Uh-oh, a flush and a bigger set of trips …better just call.”  Don’t listen to that voice.  Odds are that you have both of these players beat- so raise.  At the very least, raising will force out other players.  It may also make the original bettors think twice about deciding to proceed with the hand.

Raising may even win you the pot there, and you will be able to relax a little (though most of the time the raise will not drive off the original bettor).  But it will at least narrow the field, which will benefit you much more than having a number of players stick around who can outdraw you.  Always try to minimize your competition, especially when other players have bigger pairs than you do.  Don’t let their bets intimidate you into calling – make them pay to play!


As with straights and flushes, most of the time you will raise with trips.  You want to force out drawing hands.  Should you ever call with trips?  It will be very rare, but it can happen.  One instance is when it is two bets back to you, indicating that someone has improved to a full house or flush.  Because you have trips and have a good shot at getting a full house by the river, call, unless you see that a lot of cards to improve the hand are already dead.

Let’s you hold trip 9s, and a player with a three-flush bets.  He is raised by a pair of 5s on the board.  Now it’s two bets back to you.  Just call here.  The raise from the 5s will do the job of driving out the more marginal hands, thus narrowing the field to you and the other two players.  Even though you may be going up against a full house and/or a flush, you have a good shot to improve your hand to a full house.  That would beat both other hands, so to stick around until the end.


As with the hands we discussed previously (a full house, a straight, and a flush) folding with trips at fifth street is highly unlikely.  But it may happen that you have to fold.  One instance where the decision to fold isn’t too hard is when thee is an open set on the board that’s bigger than yours.  For instance, with trip 7s, if you see a set of trip 9s on the board, why on earth stick around?  This poker player has you beaten, so folding here is a no-brainer.

Another instance in which folding is the best decision is when you find that a lot of the cards (more than three) you’d need to improve the hand to quads or a full house are dead, and it’s two bets back to you.  With a lot of action and not a lot of cards that can help you, it’s best to fold your trips.  More than three cards than can help you, it’s best to fold your trips.  More than three cards you need are already gone, so the odds aren’t in your favor to improve.  Why go up against a potentially made bigger hand when there are few cards that will help you?  Just fold.

Quick Guide….
…. to Trips on Fifth Street:

  • RAISE most of the time – make opponents with drawing hands pay to play.
  • CALL if it is two bets to you and it looks like someone else has something threatening, such as a made flush, a full house, or a bigger set of trips.
  • FOLD if there is a bigger set of trips on the board or a lot of action from a three-flush or bigger pair and more than three of your cards are dead.


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