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Flower Garden

The flower Garden , sometimes called the Bouquet and sometimes the Garden, is fascinating one-pack patience with added merit that success is not entirely the result of the fortuitous order of the cards.
            Six packets of six cards each are fanned on the table.  They are known as the beds (see Plate 2).  The remaining sixteen cards are retained in hand.  They are known as the bouquet. 
            The object of the game is to release the four Aces, they them to a row above the beds, and build on them ascending suit-sequences to the Kings.

            All the cards in the bouquet are exposed cards and may either be built on the Ace-foundations or paced on the outer card of a bed in descending sequence irrespective of suit and color.  A sequence may be moved from one bed to another provided the sequences are retained.  When a bed has been cleared, the vacant space may be filled either with a card from the bouquet, or by an exposed card or sequences from another bed.
            If the layout is as on Plate 2 the bouquet in hand is:

PLATE 3 (opposite below) the layout for Klondike.

            The play is: play the A ♣ to the foundation row, and build the 2♣ on it, followed by the 3♣ from the bouquet.  Pack the Q on the K , and the J , on the Q .  Pack the 10 from the bouquet on the J , and the 9♥, 8♠ and 7♠ on it.  Now the 6♠ is packed on the 7♠ and the A played to the foundation row.  The 5 is packed on the 6♠, the 6♣ on the 7 and the 2♠ on the 3♠.  And so on.

            At the best of times the patience is not an easy game, and the player will have difficulty in winning this one owing to the high cards in the bouquet and on the top of the beds.  If an alternative play is available, it is to be preferred to packing a card from the bouquet on a bed, because reducing the number of cards in the bouquet reduces the number of cards that may be played at one time.  For the same reason an empty bed is not always advantageous, and it is unwise to pack too many cards on one bed in order to empty another.  The main aim of the player should be to release the Aces, 2s and 3s, because a game may well be lost if even one low card is immobilized, and certainly if two are.


The demon and the Klondike are probably the two best-known and most popular of the one-pack patience games.  In England the name of Can field is sometimes attached to the Klondike.  This name, however, is a misnomer, and to be corrected, because Can field is the name that in America is given to the patience that we in England call the demon.
            Twenty-eight cards are dealt face downwards in slightly over-lapping rows of seven cards, six cards, five cards, four cards, three cards, two cards and one card.  The bottom card of each row is turned face upwards (see Plate 3).
            As they become available, Aces are played as foundations to a row above the layout; the object of the game is too built on the Aces ascending suit-sequences to the Kings.
            As exposed card at the bottom of a column is available to the built on a foundation, or it may be packed in a descending sequence of alternate color.  A sequence may be moved from one column to another, but only as a whole and when the highest card of the sequence may be placed on the next higher card of another color.  When an exposed card is played, the face-downwards card immediately above it is turned face upwards; when a whole column is moved, the space must be filled by a King which may or may not have a sequence attached to it.

            The stock is dealt one card at a time to a waste heap, of which the top card is available for building on a foundation or packing on a column in the layout.  Only one deal is allowed.
            An Ace must be played to the foundation row as soon as it becomes available, but all other cards may be left in position if the player prefers to wait on the prospect of finding a better move later in the poker game.
            In the layout on Plate 3 the 5 is packed on the 6♣, and the card under the 5 is turned face upwards.  The J ♣ is packed J ♣.  The card under the K is now turned face upwards.  And so on.
            Klondike has been the subject5 of several variations.  One of the bets is JOKER KLONDIKEIt is played in the same way as the parent game, but with the Joker added to the pack.  Whenever the Joker becomes available for play it must be built on a foundation as the next card in sequence.  Other cards, if in correct sequence, are built on it, but when the natural card that it replaces becomes available it is substituted for the Joker which is built on another foundation.
            A player may choose on which foundation he will build the Joker.  If it becomes available for play before a foundation has been started it must remain in its position until an Ace turns up and a foundation started.

La belle Lucie

La Belle Lucie, or the Fan, is one of the classical one-pack patience; it has a very pleasing layout.  The entire pack is spread on the table in seventeen fans of three cards each and one of a single card, as illustrated.

            As the Aces become available they are placed above the layout as foundations, to be built on in ascending suit-sequences to the Kings.  Only the end card of each fan and the single card are available for play.  They may be built on a foundation, packed on the end card of another fan in descending suit-sequences.  A space made by playing full house off a complete fan is not filled.
            When all possible moves have been made, all the cards except those played to the foundations, are picked up, shuffled, and redealt in fans three.  If one or two cards are left over they make separate fans.  Two redeals are allowed.
            In the layout illustrated the A ♥ and A ♣ are played to the foundation row.  The 2♥ is built on the A ♥, and the 7♣ is packed on the 8 ♣.  This releases the 2 ♣ that is built on the A ♣.  The J   is packed on the Q , the J ♥ on the Q ♥, and the A ♠ followed by the 2♠ go to the foundation row.  And so on.







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