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Black Maria

Black Maria, sometimes known as Black Lady and sometimes as Slippery Anne, is very similar to hearts and its several variations.  It is considered best played as a game for three, but may be played by more.

            The 2 of Clubs is removed from the pack, and seventeen cards are dealt to each player.  The cards rank in the normal order from Ace (high) to 2 (low) and, after a player has looked at his cards, he passes three of them to his right-hand opponent and receives three from his left-hand opponent, which he must not look at until he has passed three on.
            When the exchanges of cards have been made, the player on the left of the dealer leads to the first trick.  Thereafter, the player who wins a trick leads to the next.  A player must follow suit to the led card provided he can do so.  Otherwise he may discard any card he chooses.  There is no trump suit.
            The object of the game is to avoid winning a trick which contains a penalty card.  These cards, and the penalties that go with them, are:
            Every card in the Heart suit -1 point each.
            The Ace of Spades – 7 points.
            The King of Spades – 10 points.
            The Queen of Spades (Black Maria) – 13 points.
            The deal passes in rotation clockwise.
            The game introduces two features: the discard and the play of the cards.

            The inexperienced player, if he is dealt a high Spade, will assume that he cannot do better than pass it on to his right-hand opponent.  It is, however, not always the best play.  Provided a number of low Spades are held in support of the high ones, it is very often better to retain the high cards with a view to controlling the suit during the play of the hand.  Indeed, a player who has been dealt any Spades or Hearts lower than Queen would be well advised to keep them in order to protect himself against any top cards in the suits that may be passed on to him.  The main principle of discarding should be to try and set up either a void suit-in order to get rid of penalty cards by discarding them during the play or at obtaining long suits, provided low cards in them are held.  A player who has been dealt:

cannot do better than pass on the three Diamonds.  The spades must be kept to protect against receiving a high card in the suit, the Hearts are adequately protected, and there is nothing to fear in clubs.
            An ability to count the cards is the first essential to success.  Towards the end of a deal an experienced player will know pretty well which cards are still left to be played, and he will be able to make a shrewd guess who holds them.  It is in the end-play, therefore, that opportunity comes for skillful poker play.

            After fourteen tricks have been played the players should know who holds the remaining cards.
            West is on lead and leads the 6 ♠, North plays the 2 ♠ and East, perforce, wins with the K ♠.  Now, if East returns the 5 West must win with the 7 and North saddles him with the Q ♠ (Black Maria).  If, however, East returns the 3 ♣, North will have to win with the 6 ♣ on which West will have played the A ♠.
            East’s play will be directed by the score, and whether it is more advantageous to him to saddle West or North with all 20 points.  The strategy is quite ethical so long as East puts his own interest first and is not moved by malice aforethought.

FOUR-HANDED BLACK MARIA is played in the same way as the parent game, except that no card is removed from the pack, and every player, therefore, receives thirteen cards.  The players may play all against all, or two in partnership against the other two.

Cut-throat Bridge

Many suggestions have been made to make poker bridge suitable for three players.  The most satisfactory is townie but what has become known as Cut-throat Bridge is the original and the simplest of the three-handed variations.
            The players take seats at random and after drawing for deal, shuffling and cutting in the regular way, the dealer deals thirteen cards each to the three players and to a fourth hand that is temporarily set aside.
            The auction, beginning with the dealer, is conducted as in the parent game, and when a player’s bid, double or redouble has been passed by the other two players, the player on his left leads to the first trick.  The player who has obtained the final contract then sorts the fourth hand, spreads it in front of him on the table, and plays it as his dummy, against the other two players in partnership with each other.

            The play and scoring are the same as in the parent game, except that if a player loses his contract both his opponents score the penalty points.  The winner of a rubber receives a bonus of 700 points if neither opponent has won a game, but 500 points if either has.
            Very clearly the game is a gamble, because the players must bid in the hope of finding the cards they need in the dummy hand.
            A variation designed to make the game less speculative is for every player to be dealt seventeen cards and the fifty-second card face downwards to the dummy.  After looking at their cards, and before bidding them, every player contributes four of them, face downwards, to the dummy.  This way, every player knows four out of the thirteen cards that he is bidding for.
            In another variation, instead of bidding for the dummy, an agreed number of deals (that must be divisible by three) are played, and, in turn, every player poker play the dummy against the other two playing in partnership.
            In this variation rubbers are not played, but the player who bids and makes game scores a bonus of 300 points.  There is no vulnerability






Black Maria

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