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Polignac is sometimes played as a party game with the 52-card pack.  It is, however, better as a serious game for four, playing all against all, with the 32-card pack-the 6s and lower cards removed. 
            Eight cards are dealt face downwards to each player.  The player on the left of the dealer leads to the first trick.  Thereafter the player who wins a trick leads to the next.  A player must follow suit to The card led, if he can, otherwise he may discard.
            The object of the game is to avoid taking tricks that contain a Jack, and 1 point is lost for every Jack taken, with the exception of the Jack of Spades (Polignac) which costs the winner 2 points. 

            The usual method of scoring is to play a pre-arranged number of deals (that should be a multiple of four) and he who loses the least number of points is the winner.
            It is a very simple game, but some skill is called for particularly in choosing the best card to lead after a trick has been won, correct discarding when unable to follow suit, and deciding whether or not to win a trick when the choice is available.


If we may judge by its name, Slobberhannes is either of Dutch or German origin.  It is a very simple poker player that is played in exactly the same way as polignac.  The only difference is that a player loses 1 point if he wins the first trick, 1 point if he wins the last, 1 point if he wins the trick containing the Queen of Clubs, and a further 1 point (making 4 points in all) if he wins all three tricks.


Quinton was invented by Angelo Lewis (‘Professor Hoffman’) as  a partnership game for four players, two playing against the other two, that calls for a high degree of skill.  It is played with the regular 52-card pack to which the Joker has been added.

            That dealer places the five top cards of the pack face downwards on the table in front of him.  It is known as the cachette.  The remaining forty-eight cards are dealt twelve each, to the players.  After looking at their cards, each player in turn, beginning with the player on the left of the dealer, has the opportunity of doubling the value of each trick, and of quadrupling it by redoubling a double made by an opponent of his side.
            The player on the left of the dealer leads to the first trick.  Thereafter the winner of a trick leads to the next.  A player must follow suit if he can, if not he may either discard or trump.
            Unlike at most poker games trumps are pre-arranged, and not dictated by a player or by facing a card.  In descending order the suits rank: Hearts, Diamond, clubs, Spades and a higher suit is trumps over a lower one.  That is to say, every Spade may be trumped by any Club, Diamond, and Heart, every Club by any Diamond and Heart, an so on.  The highest trump, therefore, is the Ace of Hearts, the lowest the 2 of Clubs.

            The Joker has no trick-taking value.  It may be played by its holder when he chooses to do so, and irrespective of his obligation to follow suit.  It is won by the player who takes the trick to which it has been played.
            A side scores 5 points for every trick that it wins, and this is increased to 10 points if doubled and 20 points if redoubled.  When all twelve tricks have been played, the player who has won the last trick takes the cachette and counts it as a trick won by his side in play.
            The Joker is known as Quint Royal, and the 5 of every suit, and every poker pair of cards in a suit that total five are known as quints.  The partnership that wins a quint in a trick scores for them as in the illustration.
            Game is 250 points, and whereas the score for tricks is not recorded until the deal is played, the score for quints is recorded as the trick is won.
            A rubber (best of three games) is played and the winner of it scores a bonus of 100 points.

In THREE-HANDED QUINTO two play in partnership against the other playing with a dummy hand.  As this gives him a considerable advantage he begins with a handicap of 25 points that is credited to the opponents before a game begins.
            The player who plays the dummy-hand deals first in every game.  Thereafter the deal passes clockwise.  When either opponent of the dummy-player deals, the dummy-player must look first at the hand from which he will have to make the opening lead, and must double or redouble before he looks at the other hand.
            Rubbers are not played.  Each game is a separate event; the three players taking the dummy-hand in turn.


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