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QUINTO is unusual in that three of the suits are trumps. It is a trick taking poker game which gives the opportunity for skilful play.


Quinto is for four players, who play in two partnerships, partners sitting opposite each other.  It can be adapted for three players, as described later.


The standard pack of 52 cards plus the Joker is used.  The cards rank from Ace (high) to 2 (low).  The Joker has a points value, as will be seen, but does not rank in trick taking value.  The suits also have their rank as follows:  hearts (high), diamonds, clubs, spades. 

Each card in a suit can be used as trumps over a card in a lower suit.  Thus only spades cannot be used as trumps, spades being the lowest suit.  In other words the cards rank from ♥ A (high) down to ♠ 2.

The dealer deals poker play the top five cards to the table in front of him.  these are known as the ‘cachette’.  The remaining 48 cards are dealt clockwise one at a time to the four players, so each has 12 cards.


Players draw fro partners, the two lowest playing against the two highest, the lowest of all being the dealer (cards for this purpose rank as above, so there cannot be any ties).  The dealer shuffles and the opponent to his right cuts.  After each hand the deal passes to the left.

After examining his hand, each player in turn, beginning with eldest (the player to dealer’s left), may double, which doubles the value of all the poker tricks.  When a player has doubled, a succeeding opponent may redouble, which has the effect of quadrupling the value of each trick.  A player cannot redouble a double by his partner.  Each trick, if undoubled, is worth five points, if doubled 10, and if redoubled, 20.

Once the value of a trick is decided, eldest leads to the first.  Each player in turn must follow suit if possible.  If unable to, he may trump with a card of any higher suit or he may discard.  It is, of course, impossible to trump a heart, since hearts is the highest ranking suit, or, by the same token, to discard on a spade.


A trick is won by the highest value card it contains.  The Joker has no trick-taking value, and can be played by its holder whenever he wishes, irrespective of whether or not he can follow suit.  If the Joker is led, succeeding players can play whatever card they wish, the trick, as usual, being won by the highest card played.

As well as points for each trick, there are bonus points for taking tricks containing certain cards.  The Joker, known as Quint Royal, is worth 25 points. 

The 5 of each suit, or any pair of cards totaling five, are Quints (for which purpose Ace counts as one, thus Ace, 4 and 2, 3 are Quints) and winning a Quint in a trick scores points according to the suit.  The illustration gives the values of each of the bonuses.  To score for the Quints Ace, 4 and 2, 3 the playing cards must be taken in the same trick.

The winner of a trick leads to the next.  The winner of the last trick takes the cachette, which is regarded as an extra trick and scores accordingly, including scoring for any Quints or Quint Royal it might contain.

Two running scores are kept, one for each partnership.  All scores for Quint Royal or Quints are entered on the scores for tricks are added at the end of each hand.  The partnership which scores 250 points first wins the game.

It is usual to play a rubber of best of three games.  The scores of each game in the rubber (which might be of two or three games) are added together for each partnership pinocle and the side which won the rubber adds 100 points. 

If the game is played for stakes, the losing partnership pays the winning partnership according to the difference between the two totals at an agreed unit per ten points, any odd five points being disregarded.





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