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General Rules
Imperfect Deck

Draw Poker

Draw Poker
General Rules of Poker
Stander Hand Rank of Poker
Basic Draw Poker Rule
Draw Poker Variation
Low and High-Low Variation
Spit Card Variants Poker
Miscellaneous Draw Poker Variants

Stud Poker

Stud Poker
Five Card Stud Variation
Miscellaneous Stud Poker Variants
General Poker strategy
Possible Poker Hands
Paring your Hole Card

Rummy Games

Rummy Games
Six Seven Card Straight
Six Seven Card Knock Rummy
Coon Can
Five Hundred Rummy
Continental Rummy
Fortune Rummy
Kalooki (CALOOCHI)

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy
Standard Hollywood Gin Rummy
Jersey Gin


Variation of Canasta
Typical Four-Handed Score Sheet

Bridge: Contract and Auction

Contract and Auction
Contract Bridge Scoring Table
Bridge Poker
Minimum Biddable Suits
The Laws of Progressive Contract Bridge
The Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge
Auction bridge

Cribbage and How it is Played

Cribbage how to Play
Strategy at Cribbage


Strategy at Casino

Children and Family Card Games

Family Card Games
Old Maid
Animals or menagerie

Miscellaneous Card Games

Miscellaneous Card Games
Scotch whist
Lift smoke
Crazy eights

Solitaire and Patience Games

Solitaire and Patience Games
Single-deck solitaire
Auld Lang Syne
Four Seasons
Beleaguered Castle
Poker Solitaire
Two-deck solitaire
Multiple solitaires

Chess, checkers, and Teeko

Standard Teeko Strategy
Start Teeko Game
Standard Checkers Law

Parlor Games for All

Parlor Games
Twenty Questions

Glossary of Game Terms

Abandon the deal.   Discontinue the play and throw the cards together to be shuffled.
Above the line (Bridge). The player on the score sheet where premiums are scored.
Absolute (Alsos). A declaration to win 82 points at trump or 62 at no trump.
Ace. The one-spot in a pack; the one-spot on a die; one dollar.
Acey Deucey (Backgammon). The roll of 2-1 with two dice.
Ace high (poker).  A hand with an ace but no pair or better.
Ace pots (poker). Draw poker in which no player may open without a pair of aces or better.
Aces (casino). The count of 1 point for each ace won.  (Craps) A cast of 1-1.
Aces up(poker). A hand of two pairs including aces.
Accept. Declaration by dealer or another player that he accepts the turn-up as trump.
A cheval. Placing a bet on a line of a banking layout, so as to bet on both sides at once.
Action. Betting: opportunity to bet.
Active player. (poker) A player still in competition for the pot; one who has not dropped or passed or folded by throwing his hand into the discard pile.  (Skat) One who receives   cards in the current deal.
Actors (Mah-Jongg). The suit of characters.
Ada from Decatur (craps). The roll of 8.
Adjusted score (duplicate Bridge). An arbitrary score assigned by the referee, when regular play is not feasible.
Adversary. Any opponent; one playing against the highest bidder.
Advertise. (poker) make a bluff intended to be exposed (Gin) Discard a card to induce an opponent to discard another of the same or near rank.
African dominoes. Another name for dice.
Against (Skat). Same as without.
Age. (1)  Player first to receive cards in a deal. (2) (Poker) The right to bet last after the draw.
All the trumps (Alsos).  A declaration to win all the trumps.
Alone (Euchre). A bid to play without help of a partner.
Alternates (Solitaire). A card in the game.
Alternates straight. Same as skip straight.
Anchor (Duplicate Bridge). In pivot or progressive play, one who retains his seat throughout the contest.
Angle. A situation favorable to a bet.
Angling (poker ).  Proposing to another player an agreement, private and outside the rules; for example, that the pot be split evenly regardless example, that the pot be split evenly regardless of which player wins it, or that the players refrain from raising against each other.
Announce. (1) Name the trump suit. (2) Show melds.  (3) Predict Schneider or Schwarz.
Ante.  (1) A bet made before the deal or before drawing cards.  (2) Contribution to a pot which at the start, belongs equally to all players.
Appres (Trente et Quarante). Dealer’s announcement that bets are off because of a refait (tie).
Approach bid (Bridge). Bid made for information of partner rather than with intention to play the named declaration.
Ask. (Skat) Inquiry by the eldest hand whether the next hand wishes to compete in the bidding.  (Whist) Signal partner to lead trumps.  (Scarney, canasta ) Inquire  “may I go  out, partner?”
Asking bid (Contract Bridge).Bid that systematically asks partner to make a control- showing response.
Assist. (Euchre) Order partner to take up the trump. (Bridge) Increase partner’s bid; raise.
Auction. The period of the bidding.
Authorized opponent (Bridge). One solely entitled to assess a penalty.
Auxiliary cards (Solitaire). Same as reserve cards.
Available card (Solitaire). One which may be transferred elsewhere in the layout.
Avondale schedule. The recommended table for scoring of Five Hundred.
Back door (Bezique). A sequence in a plain suit. Backer. (1) Nonplayer who finances an active player. (2) Banker.
Back game (Backgammon). The strategy of not advancing runners early, but of using them to catch adverse blots when opponent is well advanced.
Backgammon (Backgammon). The winning of a game when the loser has one or more stones on the bar or in the Adverse home table.
Back in (Poker). Come into the betting after checking.
Back to back (Stud Poker). Said of the hole card and first upcard when they are a pair.
Backward pawn (Chess). One that is subject to attack from an enemy pawn if advanced, especially if the advance is difficult to enforce without loss.
Bait. (1) Same as Bete. (2) (Rummy) A discard intended to influence an opponent’s later discard.
Balanced hand. A hand with no void, singleton, or very long suit.
Balking cards (Cribbage).Cards unlikely to produce a score, given to the opponent’s crib.
Bam (Mah-Jongg).A card of the Bamboo suit.
Bamboos (Mah-Jongg).One of the three suits.
Banco (Chemin-de-Fer).A bet equal to the entire bank.
Bank. Gambling house; dealer in a gambling game.
Bank Craps. The game of Craps as played in a gambling house, all bets being laid against the house.
Banker. (1) Dealer in a gambling house. (2) The person (usually a player) who sells and redeems chips.
Bar. (1) (Bank Craps) Rule out a decision on a certain number, as to bar double aces. (2) (Craps) Back line. (3) (Backgammon) Dividing line between the inner and outer tables.
Bar point (Backgammon). Either seven-point.
Barred. (1) Estopped from bidding by a legal penalty, as in Bridge. (2) (Checkers) Not permitted (as a move) in tournament play. (3) Craps) Not affecting the bet.
Base (Canasta). The number of natural cards required in a canasta .
Base count, basic (Canasta).The total of all bonuses.
Base value. (1) (Skat) A constant factor in computing the value of a game. (2) (Bridge) Value of an odd trick.
Bate. Same as bete.
Bear off (Backgammon).To remove stones from the house board in the last stages of a game.
Beat the board (Stud Poker).Have a higher Poker combination than the cards of any other player.
Beg (All Fours).A proposal by eldest hand to dealer that three additional cards be dealt to each hand and that a new card be turned up for trump.
Bela, or bella (Klaberjass, alsos).The king and queen of trumps.
Below the line (Bridge).The place on the score sheet where the trick score is entered.
Best bower (Euchre).The Joker, when it is the highest trump.
Best card. Highest card of a suit remaining un-played; master card.
Bet. Any wager on the outcome of play or of a game, such as that the bettor holds the winning hand.
Bet blind (Poker).Bet without looking at the hand.
Bete. (1) Beaten; having failed to make contract. (2) A forefeit paid by a loser or by a transgressor of a rule or correct procedure.
Bet the pot. Bet as many chips as there are in the pot at the moment.
Betting interval. Period during which each active player in turn has the right to bet or to drop out.
Bezique (Bezique).The queen of spades and jack of diamonds.
Bicycle (Poker).The lowest hand at Lowball. Bid. An offer to contract to win a certain number of tricks or points in play; to make a bid.
Biddable suit (Bridge).A player’s holding in a suit that meets the systemic requirements for a bid.
Bidder. (1) Any player who makes a bid. (2) The player who makes the highest bid and assumes the contract.
Bidding. The auction; the period during which, bids are made; competing in the auction. Bid-over. Overcall; bid higher than the last previous bid.
Big casino (Casino).The ten of diamonds.
Big Dick (Craps).The roll of ten.
Big Dog (Poker).A hand consisting of ace-high and nine-low but no pair.
Big eight (Craps).(1) A bet that neither 8 nor 7 will be cast in the next two rolls. (2) A bet that 8 will be cast before 7.
Big six (Craps).(1) A bet that neither 6 nor 7 will be cast in the next two rolls. (2) A bet that 6 will be cast before 7.
Big Tiger (Poker).A hand consisting of king- high and eight-low but no pair. Same as big cat.
Bishop. A chess piece.
Black. Conventional designation of one of the players in a two-hand board game.
Blackjack (Black Jack ).Ace and any 10-point card.
Black lady (Hearts).The queen of spades. Same as black Maria.
Blackwood convention (Contract Bridge).A system of cue-bidding to reach slams, invented by Easley Blackwood.
Blank. (1) Void; holding no cards of a suit. (2) To discard all cards of a suit, or all low cards from a high hand.
Blank a suit. Discard all cards held in that suit. Blank suit. Absence of any cards of that suit from the hand.
Blind. (1) A compulsory bet or ante made before the cards are dealt. (2) Same as the widow.
Blind lead. One made before certain cards are disclosed.
Blitz (Gin).Same as shutout.
Block. A situation in which the player in turn is unable to play, or no player is able to play.
Blocking a suit. So playing that a partner with the longer of two partnership holdings in a suit cannot obtain the lead in that suit.
Blot (Backgammon).A single stone on a point.
Blue Peter (Whist).The asking signal for a trump lead.
Bluff. A bet on a hand that the player actually does not believe is best.
Board. (1) The field of squares or lines on which certain games are played. (2) (Duplicate Bridge) A deal. (3) (Stud Poker) The exposed cards of all active players.
Bobtail (Poker).Same as four flush or double- ended straight.
Bold stand (Loo).A deal in which the pool contains only the dealer’s ante and all must play. Also called a single.
Bone. Dominoes; dice.
Boneyard (Dominoes).The reserve of dominoes from which a player must draw when unable to play from his hand.
Bonus. A score given for holding certain cards or completing a high contract.
Bonus circles (Teeko).The center circle and each of the four corner circles of the game board.
Booby prize. Prize for lowest score.
Booby table. In progressive play, the table of highest number, to which losers move from table No.1.
Boodle card (Stop family).Extra cards placed in a layout on which bets are laid.
Book (Bridge, Whist). The number of tricks a side must win before it can score by winning subsequent tricks; usually, six tricks.
Boost. To raise a bet.
Borderline bid (Bridge).A bid on a hand that barely meets the systematic requirements. Borrow. Take extra cards from one’s previous melds to complete new melds. :
Bower. A jack, as in Euchre.
Box (1) (Gin) The score for winning a deal. (2) An apparatus from which cards are dealt, as in Faro.
Box cars (Craps).The roll 6-6.
Box numbers (Craps).Spaces in the layout on which a bet may be placed that any given number will be cast before 7.
Box-up (Craps).Shuffle a batch of dice preparatory to selecting a pair.  Bracket In a knockout tournament, a group of two, four, eight, etc., contestants scheduled together for a series of elimination matches.
Break. (1) To divide in a specified way, as evenly or unevenly-said of the cards held by one’s opponents. (2) (Rummy ) The point at which the stock contains too few cards for everyone to have another draw. (3) (Rummy ) The act of making the first meld.
Break the bank. Exhaust the quota of funds supplied to the dealer in a house. (Note: The term does not imply that all funds available to the house have been won.)
Break even (Faro).(1) Bet on a card an equal number of times to win and lose. (2) Win or lose nothing on net. (3) (Of outstanding cards) found equally divided between the opponents.
Breaks. (1) Chance occurrences. (2) Division of crucial unplayed cards between two hands. (3) Luck.
Breathe (Poker).Same as check.
Brelan (Bezique).Three of a kind. .
Brelan carre (Bezique).Four of a kind.
Bridge (Euchre).A score of 4 when opponents have not more than 2.
Brisque (Bezique).Any ace or ten.
Buck (Poker).A token used as a reminder of the order of precedence in dealing, exercising any privilege or duty, etc.
Buck the game. Bet against the house.
Buck the tiger (Faro).Play against the bank.
Bug (Poker).The joker, when it may be used only as an ace or as a wild card in filling a flush, a straight, or a low hand.
Build. (Casino) Combine two or more cards to be taken in later. (Solitaire) Transfer cards among the tableau cards and foundations.
Builders (Backgammon).Stones in advantageous position to make valuable points, especially stones in one’s own outer table.
Bumper (Whist).A rubber won by two games to none.
Bunch. (1) Abandon the deal; gather cards preparatory to shuffling. (2) (Auction Pitch) An offer to playa contract of 2 or to have a new deal, at the opponent’s option.
Burled card (Rummy, Solitaire).A card not immediately available.
Bum a card. Expose and bury it, or place it on the bottom of the pack.
Bury a card. (1) Place it in the middle of the pack or among the discards, so that it cannot be readily located. (2) (Pinochle) Lay aside, for future counting.
Business double (Bridge ).One made for the purpose of exacting increased penalties.
Bust. (1) A very poor hand. (2) (Black Jack) Go over 21 and lose one’s bet immediately. (3) (Oh Hell) Take too many or too few tricks.
Buy. Draw from the widow or stock cards so received.
Buy-in (Poker).Same as stack.
Buy the contract. Win the right to name the trump or game by making the highest bid.
Buy the pot (Poker).Put in the pot as many chips as are already there, to buy a privilege.
By gards (Whist).Won in tricks.
Bye. A round of a tournament in which a contestant is riot scheduled to play.
By me. A declaration meaning “Pass.”
Call. (1) Declare; bid or pass. (2)(Bridge) Any pass, double, redouble or bid. (3) (Poker) Make a bet exactly equal to the last previous bet.
Call solo (Six-bid Solo).A bid to win all the points in play, the bidder being privileged to call any card not in his hand and receive it in exchange for a discard.
Call the turn (Faro).Predict correctly the order of the last three cards in the box.
Can (Faro).The Faro box.
Canasta. A meld of seven or more cards. Natural canasta, one using no wild cards, as distinct from mixed canasta.
Capot (Piquet):Winning of all the tricks by one player; the score therefore.
Captain. The team member who has final decision, as in Chouette and in certain partner ship bidding systems.
Capture. Remove an enemy piece from the game board.
Cards. (1) Playing cards; dominoes or other implements of play. (2) (Casino) The count
of 3 points for winning 27 or more cards. (3) Whist) The number of tricks won over six. Carolina (Craps).The roll of nine. Also Nina from Carolina.
Carte (Baccarat).Player’s request for an additional card.
Carte blanche. A hand without a face card.
Case (Faro).An abacus or counting rack used to record the cards as they show.
Case card. (1) The last card of a rank remaining in play. (2) (Faro) The last of its rank left in the box.
Casekeeper. The house man who keeps track of the cards that have already been exposed.
Cash. Lead and win tricks with established cards.
Cash points (Casino).The scores for big and little casino and aces.
Caster (Craps).The player who throws the dice. Castle. A chess piece; also rook.
Castling (Chess).A certain compound move of the king and one rook.
Catch. Find valuable cards in the widow or draw from the stock.
Cat-hop (Faro).Two cards of the same rank among the last three.
Center (1) (Chess) The central squares, specifically d5, d4, e5, and e4. (2) (Solitaire) The foundation piles. (3) (Craps) That part of the playing area where the dice are cast.
Center wedge (Teeko).To play four same- colored pawns toward the center of the board and disperse and separate the four opposite- colored pawns.
Characters (Mah-Jongg).One of the three suits; also cracks.
Charleston (Mah-Jongg).The passing of unwanted tiles to other players.
Check. (1) A Poker chip; any token. (2) (Poker) A declaration that a player elects to remain in the pot without betting, or by making the minimum bet when it is one chip. (3) (Chess) A threat to capture the enemy king.
Checker. A piece in Checkers; any disk used in a board game; draughtsman.
Checkerboard. The field of light and dark squares used in Checkers; any similar board.
Checkmate (Chess).Capture of the adverse king, the object of play. Also mate.
Chessboard. The field of light and dark squares used in Chess; any similar board.
Chicane. Void of trumps.
Chico (Solo).A bid to play without use of the widow, naming any suit but hearts as trumps.
Chip. A token used in place of money place chips in the pot.
Chouette. A method by which three or more players can participate in a two-hand game.
Chow (Mah-Jongg).A set of three tiles in suit and sequence; to ground such a set.
Cinch (Cinch).Playa trump higher than the five, to prevent an opponent from winning
with a pedro.
Cinch hand. (1) (Stud Poker ) One that no other player can beat in the showdown, regardless of his hole card. (2) Any hand sure to win.
Circles (Mah-Jongg)One of the three suits; also dots.
Clear. (1) Establish a card or suit by forcing out adverse higher cards or stoppers. (2) (Hearts, etc.) Having taken no hearts or other minus cards.
Cleared hand (Mah-Jongg).One in which all the suit tiles are of one suit.
Close (Whiskey Poker).A call limiting each other player to one more turn, after which
there is a showdown. (Sixty-Six) End the period in which cards may be drawn from the stock.
Close cards (Cribbage).Those near in rank. Also same as near cards.
Closed point (Backgammon).One that is occupied by two or more adverse stones.
Close the board (Backgammon).Establish a shutout.
Club stakes. The limitations of betting and rate per point that apply to play in a club, in the absence of any special agreement among the players.
Cockeyes (Craps).The roll of 3.
Coffeehousing. Attempting to mislead opponents as to one’s cards by speech and manner.
Cold deck. Prearranged pack switched for the~ fairly shuffled pack in a crooked game.
Cold hands (Poker).Hands dealt face up, as for the determination of the winner of extra chips in dividing the pot.
Color. Suit; also, red or black.
Column (Solitaire).A line of cards extending away from the player,
Combination. (Cribbage) Group of cards of scoring value; any group of cards. (Rummy)
Two cards that can become a meld by addition of a matching third card. (Chess) A precisely calculated series of moves and alternatives.
Combine. (1) (Casino) Take in cards by pairing. (2) (Solitaire) Consolidate piles; build. (3) Combination.
Come bet (Craps).A bet that the dice will win, treating the next roll as the first of a series.
Come-on. (Bridge) Signal to partner to lead or continue a suit; echo. (Gin) A discard selected for purpose of advertising.
Come-out (Craps).To make the first roll of a series.
Comet (Stops).A wild card, sometimes the nine of diamonds.
Comfort station (Backgammon).Either 12-point.
Command. The best card of a suit; master card; control.
Compass game (Duplicate Play).A tournament comprising separate contests among North- South pairs and East-West pairs.
Completed trick. One to which every hand has played a card.
Complete hand. (Draw Poker) The five cards held by a player after the draw. (Rummy)
One entirely formed in sets, with no odd cards.
Concealed. (Mah-Jongg) Still on the player’s rack, not grounded. (Canasta) Going out without having previously melded.
Condition. A meld that has extra value, as in Panguingue.
Condone. Waive penalty for an irregularity. Contract. The obligation to win a certain minimum number of tricks or points.
Contractor. The high bidder.
Conventions. Advance agreement between partners on how to exchange information by bids and plays.
Copper (Faro).A token placed on a bet indicating that it is a bet on a card to lose.
Count. (1) Score determine or total the score. (2) Numerical total of certain cards, as dead- wood in Gin, cards played in Cribbage. (3) Base values.
Counter. (1) A token used in place of money; chip. (2) A piece used in a board game;
checker. (3) (Chess) In the name of an opening, a Black choice of moves. (4) Counting card or bone.
Counting card. One that has intrinsic scoring value when taken in a trick.
Count minimum (Canasta).The requirement in point values for a valid initial meld (50, 90, or 120, according to the side’s accumulated score).
Count out. Go game, especially by accumulation of points during play of a hand.
Coup. (1) A brilliant play. (2) A winning play or bet.
Court card. Same as face card.
Cover. Playa card higher than the highest previously played to the trick.
Crack. Discard a card wanted by an opponent meld when there is possible advantage in keeping the cards in the hand; unload.
Cracks, craks (Mah-Jongg).The suit characters. Crap (Craps). Cast of 1-1, 1-2, or 6-6 (2, 3, or 12).
Crap out (Craps).Throw a 7 when trying for a point.
Crazy joker (Poker).The joker when used as a completely wild card.
Crib (Cribbage).The extra hand formed by the players ’ discards, belonging to the dealer.
Cribbage boerd. A device for scoring.
Cross-ruff (Bridge, Whist).Alternate trumping of each other’s plain-suit leads by the two hands of a partnership.
Cross the suit (Euchre).Name as trump a suit of color opposite from that of the rejected turn-up card.
Croupier. A banking-house employee who collects and’ pays bets, and sometimes also deals.
Crown (Checkers).Promote from a single man to a king; place a checker on another to show that it has become a king.
Cue bid (Contract Bridge).One that systematically shows control of a suit, especially by possession of the ace or a void.
Cumulative scoring (Bridge).A method of scoring in duplicate play, by determining the net total of the plus and minus scores made on all the boards played by a partnership.
Cup. Receptacle in which dice are shaken before casting.
Cut. (1) Divide the pack into two piles and reverse their order. (2) Same as draw.
Cut in. Enter a game by drawing cards for precedence.
Cut the pot. Take a percentage from the pot. Cutthroat. Three-handed applied also to any game in which each plays for himself.
Dead (Stud Poker).An expression meaning no cards of a rank are available, e.g., “The aces are dead.  This means all aces are exposed on the table or were exposed by players who dropped out.
Dead card. One which cannot be used in play. Dead hand. One barred from further participation.



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Pinochle many Variations
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Glossary of Game Terms


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