Situation 71

The blinds are $300-$900 with a $50 aent. You are in the stage of the online poker tournament with a normal stack. You have $12000 in chips. Novice Noreen, who has the same amount of chips, limps in under the gun for $900. Passive Peter also limps in from middle position.

You are sitting with:

You raise it to $2800. Novice Noreen thinks for a while and then decides to foold. Peter also thinks but decide to call. You are putting Peter on a mid-range pair, possibly tens or eights. Peter is having $14000 in chips, a little more than you.

The flop is:

Peter checks on the flop. You decide to try to steal the pot by betting $4000. Peter again thinks for awhile and calls. The playing card on the turn is 7 ? . Both Peter and you checks on the tuern. The card on the river is the Q ? . Peter checks again.

What will be your play?

•  You can check.

•  You can move all-in.


You are sure that you cannot win at the showodwn only with an ace-high hand. You have already committed over half of your chips in the pot, but you can make a larger bet. The Q ? is another over card to the pair that you think Peter is holding, plus it is a flush card. This should be a scary card for Peter.

Till here you have played your hand in such a way as if you have two big cards or a flush draw. However, you didn't make either of those hands, but you would like to have those chips in the middle of the table.


If you check, you don't think that you can win at the showdown. Peter knows that if calls and loses, he will be ruined. Therefore the correct play is to move all-in and see what Peter does with this hand.

Playing No-Limit Hold'em Cash Games in Online Casinos

If you wish to play in no-limit hold'em, then you will have to play in tournament mode because there are few card rooms that spread no-limit hold'em cash games. The reason behind why on-land casinos don't spread no-limit cash games is that the house fears of losing their regular customers when they go broke in no-limit play.

No-limit tournaments are more reasonable to play than no-limit hold'em cash games because we risk only predetermined bankroll in tournaments. We know beforehand that how much we will lose (the buy-in) and how much we will win (the first prize) which may give us a sense of security.

However, in today's growing world, various opportunities have been provided by onlne casinos and few on-land card rooms to play no-limit hold'em cash games rather than poker tournament play only. They offer no-limit hold'em cash games with bldins as small as 5 cents-10 cents and a few are offering "play" money games where you can play for a zero buy-in.

With the help of play money games, you can practice your skills. They allow you to gain some confidence as how things work without taking any monetary risk. Always remember that people play differently when they play for fun and have no money to risk with. So you should be ready to face any kind of players in every hand when you play in a play-money game. However, you should tighten up your startegy while playing for real money.

In online casino cash games, the online site puts a maximum on the amount of money with which you can buy into no-limit hold'em cash games. Because of this reason, players cannot put all their bankrll on the table at one time, unless their bankroll is less than the maximum allowed buy-in.

We completely suggest that you always play in a game where you can afford, one with blinds at which you feel comfortable playing. For example, if you feel more comfortable playing in a game with blinds of 25 cents-50 cents than the $1-$2 blinds, play the smaller game. At present, online casinos offer games with blinds higher than $3-$6. Once you gain some experience and knowledge in smaller games, you should jump into the higher blind games.

Some Important things to remember when playing cash games

•  The blinds in cash games remain the same throughout the game. They do not increase at regular intervals, as the blinds do in tournaments.

•  Unlike tournaments, you are not playing against the clock. Thus you are never pressured into playing marginal hands just because the blinds are increasing or you are very low on chips. In fact, playing cash games is a good practice for playing the early rounds of a tournament when you have more chips and no pressure.

•  You can quit playing whenever you want to.

•  If you go broke, you can make another buy-in. You don't have to leave the game unless you have no more money in your online account.

Concentrating on the factors

When you first start playing in no-limit hold'em, you should concentrate more on the table position and premium starting hand values. Consequently, focus to your seating position at the table and your position in the betting order. Most importantly, be aware of the kinds of players who have bet in front of you, and the kinds of player who can act after you.

Selecting Your Hands Carefully

Game selection and hand selection is very important while playing in no-limit hold'em games. The hands that you play are determined by your position at the table, the action in front of you, the potential action from the players sitting behind you and the quality of your cards. When you know more about the game, you can expand the number of hands you play also including some speculative poker hands. With more of experience you will be able to play any kinds of hands perfectly well. But in the starting, you should play only strong starting hands which will make you gain more confidence in winning and then play mediocre hands when you achieve some progress in it.

Practice Reading the flop

As said earlier, reading the flp is a very crucial aspect. In these small games, you should continually practice reading the flop even when you are not in the pot. When the flop comes ask yourself a question, "Which two cards would I prefer to play with such kind of flop?" Then try to decide which player might have those cards. Also ask, "With the five cards on the board, what is the possible hand that can be made?"

Set a Loss Limit

We suggest you to set a loss limit when you start playing in no-limit hold'em online poke game. You should never lose more in one session than you can reasonably expect to win in the next session you play. For instance if you are playing with $2-$4 blinds and you lose around 100 times the size of the bigs bindl, that is $400, then just quit the game. That should be your strategy for each game -lose no more than 100 times the big blind.

Know When to Quit the Game

If you are winning then when should you to quit? This is a question that everyone has in their minds. When you lose 100 times the size of the big blind you quit, then when is the time to quit when you are winning. The answer is it depends. It depends on how good the game still is. Are the weak players still in the game and losing? Are you playing your A-game? How tired are you? How important to you is the money that you have won? Only such kinds of question might fetch that answer. The best poker strategy is that you should limit your loss but do not limit your win.

Have enough money in your online account

You need to put enough money in your online account to buy more chips whenever you require. You should have sufficient amount of money to continue the play. Inadequacy of money is a way to lose.

Take Advantage of your Table Image.

It is important to create an image at the table. Do you think the other players see you as a loose or a tight player? Take advantage of whatever image you have created.

Now we shall take a look at some situations of cash games and make a thought process about how might play your cards in different situations: .

Situation 72

Let's assume you are playing for the first time in no-limit hold'em online. The blinds are $1-$2 in no-limit hold'em game. You are having $100 in chips. Before the computer deals the cards, the message is flashed "Post $2 big blind" or "Wait for the big blind?"

What are your options? You can post the $2 big blind immediately or you can wait until you are actually in the position of the big blind, or you can wait a few hands and then come behind the dealer where you have the best position. You choose to wait for the big blind.

After you reach the position of the big blind, you click on "Post the $2 big blind." The computer then deals the cards. You have:

The player in the first position raises the pot to $5. Everybody folds to him on the button. The player on the button calls. The small blid also calls. Now it is your turn.

What will be your play?

You are having a pair of sevens which is not a strong starting hand. But if you hit trips on the flop, you might win. As no one re-raise if you just call, you call the raise in the expectation of hitting the flop and winning good pot. Notice that you play poker the same way in this situation as you would play in a tournament.

Situation 73

You are still playing in the $1-$2 blinds. You have only $25 left with the $2 in the big blind.

You are holding:

Five players limped into the pot, including the button and the small blind. The pot has $12 in it. You check.

The flop comes:

The player in the small blind checks, you check and Action Arnold, sitting to your left, bets $12. Everyone else calls the Arnold 's bet. Now on the flop there is $72 in the pot. You have only $20 left with you.

What will be your play?

You have flopped a nut flush draw with five other poker players in the pot. If you call, you will be then left with $8 only. This is a good chance to gamble with.

The recommended play is to raise with all your chips that move all-in in the expectation of making the fulsh and winning a good pot. However if you lose you can buy more chips.

Situation 74

Let's assume in that last situation you made a flush and won the pot. You have $132 in chips. You are posting $1 small blind. Tight Tom posts $2 big blind. Action Arnold, who has about $65 in chips, opens the pot for $8 under the gun i.e. first position.

Everyone folds to Loose Levin, who is sitting on the button with about $200 in chips. Levin calls the $8.

You are holding:

What will be your play?

You are holding a premium hand. There are two action players already in the pot. Now you should think how you will get most money into the pot to make the pot bigger before the flop. Arnold who lost the pot in last situation when you made the flush now has $8 of his $65 in the pot.

We suggest raising to about $25 to give Arnold to move all-in. If he re-raises, he might even attract Loose Levin into the pot. By playing this way, you will get action you were looking for with pocket aces. You will win most of the money into the pot with you premium poker hands.

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