Before, after Flop and River Holdem Strategy

Before the Flop
Power holdem Hands

You should not start from an early faq position with the dominated power hands in this kind of game structure.

Drawing holdem Hands

In this game structure, the drawing hands are usually worth playing whenever you would play the dominating power hands. It is worth opening from an early position with the drawing hands (excluding power hands).

Speculative and Gambling Hands

In a situation where you would play drawing hands, you should play speculative hands in this kind of game structure. Also in those situations where you should play speculative hands, you should play the gambling playing poker hands.

Suited holdem Hands

With very loose table conditions and a double bet on the end, it is certainly worth playing with many suited cards. In the extreme, you can play any two suited cards in a spread-limit game with a double bet on the end and very loose table conditions. The implied odds from the flush potential are large.

After the Flop

Because of the fast and persistent growth of the bet size, the implied odds for drawing poker hands are very huge. That means that medium-strength-made hands like top pair or an overpair are at risk on the turn and river. These hands won't generally get paid off on the later rounds by fewer hands but will often be raised by better hands. This is where it is significant to know the players in these games. The top pair should often fold if raised on the turn or the river. This is true on the river where very few players will bluff a raise. Keep in mind with the increased bet size, a raise on the river costs eight times as much as a bet on the flop. This is a great difference and it tends to thwart few players who are capable of a bluff raise.

On the River holdem strategy

When the bet size doubles on the flop turn river, it is correct to wait until then to raise. In a game where the bet size escalates on the turn and the river (like 3-6-12), a raise or check-raise on the river can be a great source of your win.

Many holdem poker players in these games will turn passive on the river bet, checking the hand down rather than betting. Hence if you wait for a raise you have to be certain and you must know the players. Make certain that they will certainly bet.

You also need to know the poker players if you intend to try to check-raise on the river. Most of them will not cooperate and will showdown anything less than the nuts if you check to them on the river.

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