Characteristics of Texas Holdem Poker Game

Tight Games

Tight games are high-card games. Drawing hands such as suited cards, connected cards or small pairs do not have much value in a tight game. Two high cards, middle pocket pairs and large pocket pairs have strong intrinsic value in a tight game. They often win without improving their hand.

Loose Games

Loose games add value to many different types of hands. Suited cards, connected cards and small pairs all have strong drawing value in a loose game. High cards have increased value even hands with only a single high card. Because in a loose game, your rivals are often playing hands such as K4 a hand such as K9 has much more high card value than it would in a tight game.

There is a common misconception that unsuited hands reduce in value in a loose game. This is not true. All hands gain value when your rival commits minor mistakes. Suited hands do tend to gain more value than unsuited poker hands in loose games but that does not mean that unsuited cards lose value.

Passive Games

A passive game means calling stations. This game tends to add value to high cards if the game is also loose because you will tend to be called by weaker hands when the game is loose and won't be raised by stronger hands when the game is passive. Marginal draws also tend to be worth more in passive games because you will be able to holdem poker draws for free and will be called if you bet when the draw is made.

Aggressive Games

These poker games add value to very strong draws. This is a concept that is not well understood. Pre-flop raises reduce the implied odds of draws but raises on the flop add more value to good draws. Depending on how many outs your draw has and the number of callers on the flop, it is often a winning play to bet or raises the number of value with draws. Aggressive games make it easy to do this. The looser the game is the more draws that will profit from aggressive rivals, but even in a tight game, some draws profit from raises. For example, a flush with two overcards is a favorite against the top pair if neither of the overcards will make the top pair into two pair.

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