Holdem for Beginners 2

Know The Rules for beginners

A player goes to a poker draws card club for the first time. After a couple of hours, he gets four Aces and bets heavily. He gets called by a player who shows a hand of Q9732, four different suits. The dealer starts to push the pot to the player with the Q high hand. This player says, "I have got four aces." The dealer says, "Yes, but he's got wildcat," pointing to sign on the wall that says, "A wildcat consists of Q9732 and is the best hand."

As you might have guessed, later out hero gets a Q9732 himself and after much betting gets shown the sign that says, "A wildcat is only good once a night."

Although, few card rooms have a wildcat rules these days (although some California clubs do have some weird house rules) a new casino player does need to realize that the house rules aren't going to be the same as the rules at the home games. String betting is an example.

Showing all the cards at the showdown, even when you aren't using them all to make your hand, is another. Sometimes a violation of these rules will cost the new player a bet and sometimes the holdem pot.
Knowing the house rules is important. Some rules are standard and few of them are here but there is always the possibility of a weird house rule.

Protect Your Hand

Sometimes, if you are in a seat adjacent to the dealer, the dealer will unintentionally grab your cards and put them into the muck. If that happens then your hand is dead. It's as if you have folded. It is your responsibility to keep control of your cards. You can't move your cards over the edge of the table, so the best thing to do is place a chip on top of your cards whenever you leave them lying on the table. That will prevent the dealer from accidentally scooping them up.

Keep Your Cards on the Table

Don't pick your cards up and hold them close to your chest to look at them. Leave your cards on the texas table, cup your hands over them, and bend your edges of the cards to look at them. Watch the other players to see how it's done.

The reason for this is a rule that no card can cross an imaginary barrier at the edge of the table. If you do move your cards behind the edge of the table, your hand can be ruled dead. Many card rooms do not strictly enforce this rule at the low-limit tables. But you will be corrected if you do it, and if you endure in doing it, you will finally have your hand declared dead. So never do it.

In same thing, should the dealer accidentally deal your card to you in such way that it flips off the table onto the floor, do not reach down and pick it up. You are not supposed to touch any card that's off the table. The floor man will come over and pick up the card. The reason for these poker rules is to protect the integrity of the deck.

Show Both Cards

Your hand consists of the two cards you're originally dealt. You do not have to use both those cards to make up your poker hand but you must have both of them to win. Show both of your cards at the showdown by just turning them face up. You can do this even if only one of them is being used to form your poker hand.

One Player to a Hand

Never give an advice to a friend and never take any advice from the friend, even if one of you is not involved with the pot or even if your friend is not playing at the poker table. Consulting with another person about how to play a hand isn't allowed. Also do not show your cards to another player, even if he is not involved in the pot and even if you are folding.

String Bets

A string bets is a bet which is made in two motions. It is common in home games to see a player say, "I call your dollar," put a dollar in the pot and then say, "And you raise you a dollar," as he reaches into his stack of chips for a second chip. That's a string bet. When playing in a casino games, if you are going to raise just say "raise." Never say something like, "I'll call your bet and raise you." Only say one word "Raise " and put all your chips into the pot at once, not in two motions of your hand.

The fact behind this rule is to reduce the chances for players to engage in what's calling angle shooting. Without this rule the players can call a bet, wait to see your reaction to the call, and if you react in a way that suggest you didn't want to be called, they will raise. Not allowing string bets reduces the opportunity for this kind of unethical move.


A raise should be at least the size of the bet. For instance, if you bet $4 in a 1-4 game, then you should raise by $4 if you want to raise. If you had bet $2 then you could raise $2, $3, or $4. You cannot make a $2 raise if the original bet was $4.

Be Careful What You Say

Verbal declarations usually count. "Call and raise " is the verbal equivalent of a string bet and in some card rooms, if you say that before you put your chips in the pot, you will be restricted to a call.

Splashing the Pot

When you make a call or bet, place your chips in front of you. Don't toss your chips into the pot. The dealer will count your chips before putting them into the pot to ensure your bet is the correct amount. Throwing your chips directly into the pot is called splashing the pot because of the bouncing of the chips that usually results. Never do it. Again, the object of the pot limit rules is to protect you.

Act in Turn

In Hold'em, the action at each betting round starts with the first player to the left of a designed dealer. Each player then acts in turn. Don't act before your turn - don't fold or bet early.

Table Stakes

All the card rooms are played at table stakes. It means you can't reach into your pocket for more money during the play of the hand. You can't bet out of the hand either; you remain in contest for whatever the pot is up to the point where you've run out of the chips. This is called as creating a side pot. You can buy chips to add to your stack at any time between hands. You cannot add to your stack during the play of the hand.

Rat Holing

"Rat holing" is the poker tournament term for taking the money off the table and slipping it into your pocket. It is not allowed. Except for extreme cases such as to give tip to cocktail waitress, taking money off the table is not allowed.

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