Holdem for Beginners 3

Short Buys

Every table has an established minimum buy-in. Your first purchase of chip cash must be at least that amount. At some card rooms, after the initial purchase, it is permissible to buy less than the minimum buy. This is called a short-buy. Almost all the card rooms will allow a short buy if you are not out of the chips. Some will allow to short buy when you run out of the chips but just only once.

Dealers in poker games

The dealer is a paid employee of the card room and is at work. If you want to ask any question about the holdem game, ask him. If you want to talk to about the last night's cricket game, talk to one of the other poker players. It is a dealer's job to keep the poker game running smoothly and efficiently and not involving into any kind of conversation with the players sitting at the table.

Making Friends, avoiding Deadbeats

Many card rooms make some friends of people they meet in the card room. It is advisable to not to take any quick decision about them. Online poker attracts a complete a cross section of the society. In card rooms, you will find all kinds of person all walks of life. Although, most of them are great people some are really deadbeat and thieves. Better be careful of extending your relationship and don't take loan from them.

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