Importance of Poker Game Selection

If you don't limit your play to games you can beat, then you aren't likely to beat the game. Game selection is very important element of holdem poker. There are estimates that 80 percent of what makes a winning poker player.

Your winnings from poker do not come from your best holdem poker play. If everyone played correctly then the money would be passed back and forth among the players, with house skimming a little amount every time was passed. Everybody would be net losers. That is often the case. Some are net winners and some are net losers. Some of the losers are better players than some of the net winners. The difference is not because of the luck it lies in what kind of rivals they are. Losers play with people who play better than they do and winners play with people who don't play much well. This does not necessarily mean that you need to be the best holdem player at the table. No, you don't. If most of the other players play little better than you then one really bad player is enough to make the game worth playing.

Suppose your friend is ten worst poker players in the world and you are among the ten best poker players. If he always play with nine players worse than him and you always play with nine players better than you, then your friend will be consistent winner and you will be a consistent loser.

What does that indicate you about what's important for becoming a poker player? Many winning poker players develop reputation of luck. They accumulate bigger wins more often than do other players who seem as skilled. These players are highly skilled at identifying exploitable situations. They seem lucky because they pick those opportunities to get lucky. We shall discuss later about it. Fairly these lucky players are those who choose good games. Once they are in the game, they identify individual player features that can be exploited. This chapter is more concentrated on selecting the good game. We shall discuss individual player features later in the text and we give examples of exploitable situations throughout the site.

Your most of the profits come from your rival's mistakes. Even if you don't play well, as long as you play with players who make more mistakes than you, you will win.

For several players, it is not enough to pick a game with weak players. You also need to pick a game you will enjoy. Poker is not an armed battle it is a game. The point of playing is to have fun and playing game is no exception.

Each and every game has a kind of personality of its own. Your long-term success depends on matching the personality of the game to your own personality. You might win more money if you are having fun.

What to Look for

Experienced players look at many factors when selecting the game to play. This is because you have a good control on their own technical skills and have learned to identify the characteristics of a game that are profitable for them. The action and the players' attract more the table.

Many players don't do well in that type of game; they have developed a playing pattern that doesn't work for wild or aggressive games. So they avoid them and look for games that are better matches to their pattern.

New players haven't developed that self-knowledge of their playing pattern or personality, so the game selection is very tougher but you still have to do it. You should definitely do it. You can evaluate a game based on two scales: a tight-loose scale and a passive-aggressive scale.

You would prefer playing in loose poker games. Players not only make mistakes in a loose game by playing too many weak hands (more will be discussed later in the text), but by playing lot of hands gives them many opportunities to make even more mistakes. Always remember that most of your profits come from your rival's mistakes.

Whether you select a loose-passive game or a loose-aggressive game depends on your own preferences and personality. It is preferable that many beginners should select for passive game. This is because in a passive game you won't be given with as many situations where you have to make tough decision. Once you get some experience in taking some tough decisions, you will find that these passive games are more profitable than other games.

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