Texas Hand Types

Hands can be categorized into types such as pocket pair like AA, suited connectors like 76, or suited Aces like A6. In many situations (not all), hands can be ranked within these types. Some of a poker hand 's value comes from features that are intrins to the hand, but less of a hand's value is intrinsic than many poker players think.


It is also possible that large and medium-sized pairs can be powerful hands. Strong hands often tend to play well most of the time. There is no situation where you should avoid betting with top pairs. In Hold'em a decent-sized pair is valuable on its own, in almost any situations.

Smaller pairs are more speculative. The small pairs almost need to flop a set to do well. The small holdem poker pairs can play well with the kind of flop, a flop of low cards, or against the right rival. If that rival is a tough player, these medium-sized pairs tend not to do so well without flopping a set and having many players in the pot. The smaller pairs need either weak rival or the money odds from having many rivals.

Suited Connectors

The large-suited connectors can flop the top pair, or a flush draw or a straight draw. The medium-suited connectors are looking to flop a draw. Except rarely that they will flop two pair, the very small-suited connectors have little potential value as pairs and they have few straight probabilities. The straight draws they will likely flop, will tend to be draws to second-best straights.
The gapped suited connectors, i.e. the cards with a single gap between the ranks such as T8 are called one-gap connectors. Hands like T7 are two-gap connectors and three-gap connectors are T6. These hands all have some potential straight value, but not good enough to make a good or better hand. They do, however, often flop straight draws that are not obvious draws and so do have some deceptive value.

Suited Aces

In Hold'em, one single Ace is not a strong hand, even when matched with another card of the same suit. The exception is when the second card is a big card like a King or Queen. In many multi-player situations, flushes and potential flushes can win large holdem pots. Because of making this potential flush, suited Aces sometimes have some essential value.

Unsuited Aces

A single Ace matched with a card of different suit has very less potential to make a flush and although a single Ace is not a strong hand in Hold'em, in short-handed game situations only an Ace in a hand does yield little value.

Suited Kings

A single King is weaker than many players seem to think. Even a hand like KQ can be deceptive at times. It looks strong when you see at your hand and see those connected face cards and it is almost good hand. However, it is not as strong as many players seem to think. It does gain a lot of value playing in loose games. Suited Kings need multiple callers to have much value.

Other Hands

Almost all other hands can be regarded as weak holdings. At least weak on their own, they might gain value from position or mistakes of the rivals. Two suited cards, often gain value from a table of players who play way too loose.

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