Risks of Playing Poker

Risk Against Reward

Most of the decision you make in your life involves risk and reward. Decisions in online poker are no exception. In poker the more money your rivals are putting in the pot, the larger your potential reward but there is a larger risk along with it. There are two ways your rivals can be putting more money in the pot by being loose or by aggressive. Either of these creates risk for you. These two main factors of risk affect the game in various ways.

Risk from Loose Players

Against many loose games, you may have five or six players calling every bet, giving you big odds. Even if you open with your best hand, having five or six players drawing to beat you creates a big potential one of them will certainly beat you. Sometimes the chance of being beaten is enough to affect your decision by not playing a hand you might otherwise play. Some of the situations will be discussed later. At a loose table, it is not uncommon for the best poker hand at the flop to end up second best by the time the hand is over. However, the annoyance and frustration which result from a rival's long-shot draw can have dangerous effect on some players' temperament. If you are one of those players, you should avoid very loose games. A better approach might be to learn some copying poker skills of experienced poker player.

Risk from Aggressive Players

Aggressive players put lot of money in the pot by raising and re-raising and that means you will also have to put more money. The more money you have put in the pot, the greater the risk. With so much raising, you will be faced with frequent decisions, increasing the risk that you might make a mistake.

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