Women and Poker

Poker is the game not only meant for the men's but also for the women's. Now-a-days there are many women players who are playing poker and are welcomed to any place. Still, the majority of poker players are men. This works to the advantage of women who understand it properly and can exploit it tremendously.

Majority of winning women players are more aggressive than their male rivals. All successful poker players are aggressive players, but successful women tend to be fairly hyper-aggressive. It seems that they have found it the correct style of playing it because most of the time it works well against any male poker players. Aggression is likely working for women because of the way most men take in and react to hyper-aggressive women. You can differentiate men poker players according to the way they react to women at the poker table.


Chauvinistic men tend to think all women players as weak, predictable and tight players. Nothing they see at the table will sway them from this picture. They think all women are bad and poor poker players and that they are easy to read. They assume that a bet or raise from a women means that the women has a very good hand because they think no women have guts to bet or raise without a near cinch hand. The result is that chauvinist men tend to fold marginal drawing hands whenever a hyper-aggressive woman player bets or raises.

Consequently chauvinistic players do not think that women have good judgment or power of willingness. Therefore if he starts out thinking he has a good hand, then he is not likely to change that assessment of his own hand based on anything a woman player does. The main feature of chauvinistic players is that they are much more likely to play as tight players. This combination of tight and chauvinistic does make it easy for an observant aggressive woman to profit from his reaction to the women aggression.

Macho Players

Macho players can't endure a woman to win and take control of the betting. Such kind of players can't endure to lose, and especially can't tolerate to lose to a woman. He will likely create the case of FPS trying to outplay an aggressive woman.

Flirt Players

Such kinds of players want women to think of them as nice person. They will call a raise from a woman with a hand that they would re-raise if the raise had come from the man. They will fold weak hands when a woman bets. Usually they play too passively against an aggressive woman.

You Are?

There is also fourth category of men who think women as another poker player. There are not really very many men in this group. If you are a man, then you would be in any one of the three categories. It is very essential to know to which category you belong to. Once you know what group you are in, then it would be easy to adjust to a hyper-aggressive woman.


Playing Chauvinistic Player

When a chauvinistic player faces against an aggressive woman player, they tend to react hyper-aggressively because they fear their hand is the second best. They try to win by psychological domination and intimidation. When they are sure that they have the best hand, they will often play aggressively, but not hyper-aggressively. They go on tilt and react predictably, overextending themselves with second-best hands.

Suppose a tight, chauvinistic player has started with a raise from an early position. You should raise with most hands. Even a hand like 85 is worth raising with. The reason for raising is to begin a determination of whether he has a top pair or two big cards. Because he started with a raise from an early position he almost certainly has one of those two hands, either something like AA or AK. You can raise with whatever you have and he will re-raise.

If the flop is something AT2 and he bets, you should in this case just fold. If the flop comes something J84 and he bets, you should raise.

If he re-raises then you can be sure he has two overcards and you have the best hand, but you should just call. The reason you should call is to persuade him to bet again on the turn and the river. Unless an Ace or King comes on one of the last two cards you can almost be sure your pair of 8s is the best hand. If no big cards come by the river, you can even raise for value on the river. He will call you with an AK.

If he just calls your raise, you should think that he has a big overpair but the good thing that will happen now is that he will check on the turn, thinking that you will bet and he can check-raise. Make him worry. Check. If you don't improve to three of a kind or two pair then you should fold when he bets on the river.
This kind of style is very predictable with a chauvinistic player when he's playing against an aggressive woman player.

Playing Macho Player

You should play against a macho player in the same way that you would play against a chauvinist, but you need to be more cautious in playing. The macho player tends not to play deceptively when he has as big a hand as the chauvinistic player. He tends to play any hand aggressively. With the chauvinist player, you can be sure you have the best hand, even when your hand is vulnerable. That is not the case with the macho player. With him you have to be much more selective with which hands you get involved.

You don't want to get heads-up in a pot with a macho player with the hand like85 but you might want to with a hand like 87. With this hand you are likely to have a few extra outs like a three-flush or a three-straight, just in case he actually has you beat. Generally though, if the flop is like the second flop discussed, he won't have you beat and he will keep raising to the end.

Playing Flirt Player

The basic advantage from playing against such kind of player is that he will likely not raise. If he has a good hand, he will generally just tell you. Suppose you have AJ and the flop is something J84. If you bet and he calls, you can ask him whether he has a flush draw or not. He will tell you. If the turn card is Heart, ask him whether he has made a flush. He will again tell you. By this, you will save a lot of bets.

Even if you don't ask him, and he did make a flush, you can still bet without fear of a raise. If by chance he does raise, he will regret for it. If something like that happened you should just fold.

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