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  The usual method in which online poker games would operate is for the participant to download software from the poker room’s Web site that would run locally on the user’s computer. Each online poker room would require the user to download software that would run in a  Windows environment, which would mean that the choices of online poker rooms for the Macintosh user would be limited. One notable exception would be Their URL is

  Poker room software would run entirely from within a Web-browser, using scripts written  in the Java ® programming language. The Java-based method would be a completely cross-platform.  A participant in games at could use any Windows-based or Macintosh computer with a Web-browser current enough to support Java scripts. It would not be necessary to install additional software, an advantage for people who would not always use the same computer when going online.Once you were to register and download the required software, you usually could observe   games in progress and participate in play-money games against other online poker players.

  When the software would be in operation, it would provide you with a real-time view of the games in progress through animations complete with sound effects. First you would be presented with a window listing all active games, betting limits, number of active poker players and available seats, and play or real money status. When you would choose a game. A graphic of a poker table would be displayed with the button, cards, and chips. Your cards and the community cards would be displayed face up to you; the other player’s
cards would be face-down. A menu of action buttons would appear on your screen. When it would be your turn, you could point and click with your mouse to one of the actions – Check, Fold, Call, Bet, Raise.

  Each online poker room will have its own software with its own look and feel.You could try out several poker rooms to see which interface would be more comfortable. Sid would recommend a lot of practice in play money poker games before opening a real  money account. Online poker would have a different ‘feel’ to it than in-person poker. For instance, it would not be possible to verbally state your intentions online. If you were to accidentally move the mouse pointer a little too far over and click the fold button when you would mean to hit raise, your hand would be gone. Surprisingly, online poker games have often moved faster than in a cardroom: 45-50 hands per hour would not be uncommon.

  While slow, unstable Internet connections would often put a drag on the game, here would be many timesaving features of online poker games that would make u for the delays. The software would instantly handle routine tasks. It would shuffle cards, issue chips, give change, award pots, and would determine the winning hand.All these actions would take time for a real dealer to perform. As a result, online poker play would require greater attention on your part, since most  of your waiting would be for other players to act, which would mean you should be ready when they are.

  In a real cardroom, most of the downtime would be waiting for the dealer, whose actions would not require your careful attention. To play for real money, you would have to create and account with the poker room of your
choice and have to deposit money either directly with a credit card, Or through an intermediary service such as NETeller ® (, Firepay ®   (, or a prepaid ATM card (

  The advantage of an intermediary would be that your credit card information would never be   given to the casino, and some credit card companies would block the use of their cards at online poker casinos.Online poker casinos would normally encourage the use of an intermediary services, since they would not want to handle payment of the merchant’s credit card processing fee or worry about charge-backs. Once your account would be opened, with money deposited, you could play in the real-money games. If you were to be wary about using your credit card online, you could get a prepaid credit card. You should go to http:// and follow the instructions on how and where to purchase a prepaid credit card. The user would have to pay cash to a local store and would receive a credit card good for the amount of cash paid and no more.Once charges were equal to the amount of cash deposited would be completed, the card could either be discarded or reloaded by depositing more cash.

  No one could steal the number and ring up more charges than you would have already prepaid. Nor could anyone ruin your credit rating since there would be no line of credit. There would be two major problems unique to online real-money play that would necessitate that each online poker room establish and enforce a policy. One would be the unreliability of Internet connections. No one would have ever played poker online if the possibility had existed of losing a large pot with a monster hand because of sudden disconnects. To protect poker players against such an occurrence, online poker rooms would typically have a rule that would automatically place players all-in should their connection to the game suddenly vanish. If you were suddenly locked out of a game because of a faulty Internet connection and were to have what turned out to be the winning hand,you would still win all the money wagered up to the point you would leave. Of course, such a rule could also be abused.

  You could disconnect yourself whenever you would want to try to draw someone out without having to call bets. To avoid abuse of all-in rules, the poker rooms will usually limit their application to an individual to no more than once perspective day. If you were to be forced to go all-in because of an interruption, you would lose protection of the rule if you would immediately resume play. You should read the all-in policy carefully before you play in an online poker room. The second major problem would be the possibility of collusion between poker players. Because of the remote and anonymous nature of the Internet, it would be possible for participants in a game to all be together in the same room, Or in communication via telephone, so that they could share information and defraud the honest players in the game.  Online poker rooms have used software that have recorded the events of every hand and has searched for suspicious betting patterns. The software would flag players who would appear to be in collusion.

  Warnings have been posted threatening to permanently ban players caught colluding, and online rooms post vigorous assurances of the integrity of their poker games. It would not be possible to know how much of a problem online collusion would be or the effectiveness of the detection methods that would be employed.You should be wary of the game circumstances as you play. If something were to feel wrong, even if you could not articulate what were wrong, you should get out and find another game. 

Chapter 10 will have information as February 2003 on some popular online poker rooms.  You should remember that the Internet would be a dynamic place. Changes would occur frequently.