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  As of this writing, online poker rooms had operated from offshore locations. It had been illegal to operate an online casino from within the United States, although the law on this had been changing rapidly.

  Some casinos in Nevada have been pressing for laws allowing their United States-based businesses to operate over the Internet. The law on playing poker in online casinos for real money has been unclear. In no manner should this book have been construed to offer legal advice on the issue of online gambling. The law in this area has been vague and changing. It would be your responsibility to know and follow the laws that would apply in your state and jurisdiction. You should seek appropriate legal advice from a qualified attorney if unsure. It has been Sid’s opinion that observations of real-money play in online poker rooms and participation in play-money games have been valuable activities for learning the structure, mechanics, and strategies of various forms of poker.

 However, playing for real money in an online venue would be a risky activity. It would be difficult to know for certain if the games and operators were completely legitimate. If you were to choose to play poker online, you should proceed with caution.