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Entering a Public Cardroom


Once you ’ve decided you want to play poker in a casino cardroom, the next step is to decide which cardroom.

Not all cardrooms are the same, and the choice of a cardroom can be critical to your success,especially if you ’re a novice player.

The most important decision you make in poker is your choice of table.  Your profits depend on mistakes made by the other players at the table.

Because your profits depend on your opponents, it ’s important to pick them carefully.

Some cardrooms offer better choices of games than others. In particular, the more players in the cardroom, the more chances you have of finding opponents who are making a lot of mistakes.

That ’s one of the reasons that larger cardrooms are often preferable to smaller ones.

Most cardrooms are well managed. They’re clean and pleasant and provide an enjoyable environment. Unfortunately, some are really dingy, unpleasant, gloomy rooms.

You ’ll need to check out the cardrooms near you and make a choice. Not all cardrooms are alike. If you have a bad experience at one, don’t give up.

Try another room. The best way to choose, of course, is to get a recommendation from a friend.

If you ’re computer literate, an alternative is to check the Internet newsgroup rec. gambling poker.

Its archives contain a number of player reviews of cardrooms; is also a good source for cardroom in your area, post a request for  a recommendation on the newsgroup.

A third way to find a good cardroom is to just pick the largest in your area.  In most cases you ’re more likely to have a good experience at a large cardroom.

They will tend to have a wider selection of games, and game selection is the most critical decision you ’ll make when playing poker.

Larger cardrooms also tend to put more effort into customer relations.  They have a lost of tables of fill and need happy customers to maintain repeat business.

This isn’t a slam against small cardrooms. Many of them are very good rooms, with very good games.

Once you ’ve gained some experience, you should at least check out the smaller cardrooms in your area. In fact, in some locations, the smaller rooms often have better games.

That ’s particularly the case in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas the larger cardrooms tend to offer a wider range of limits.

The local pros and semipros tend to be attracted to the rooms with the higher limit games.

The smaller rooms in Las Vegas, which tend to offer exclusively low-limit games, often don’t attract the local pros or regulars, relying almost entirely on tourist players.

This is often not the case in locations without the extensive tourist trade found in Las Vegas.

If you ’re new to cardroom play, you should usually start with the larger ones unless you have a specific recommendation from a trusted friend.


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