It’s likely that anyone reading this book has already played some poker. 

  After all, most people have their first poker experience long before they’ve read a book   on the subject.You’re reading this book because you want to learn more about the game. 

  Ask yourself why. Before we start learning the nuts and bolts of the game of Hold’Em, it   helps to understand why we care, why we even want to play the game. 

  The standard answer is that we play poker to win money, but that’s not really an answer.    There are many ways to earn money that are easier than playing poker. 

  For many players winning money is necessary for enjoyment of the game, but it’s not   sufficient and for some players it’s not even necessary. 

  If you’re enjoying the game, then you’re getting something out of it besides the money. 

  You’re getting a psychic reward, but what is that psychic reward?  I don’t know. You do,   though. 

  Self-awareness is an important element of poker, and an awareness of the motivations   of others is an even more important element.

  There are different reasons why people play poker. 

  Think of a hunting analogy for a minute. 

  Some people enjoy the hunt itself more than the kill, and some people don’t see much   reason to hunt if you don’t kill something. 

  Some just like having the neatest gun; others get their thrill from being able to make a clean   kill with a  single shot.

  Poker is the same principle. Some people play because they want to win money. 

  Money won really is much sweeter than money earned. Others play because they enjoy the   thrill of the gamble. 

  They want to win also, but they simply want to gamble even more. 

  A third group plays because it gives them an opportunity to demonstrate a knowledge of the   game. 

  This group thinks they want to win also, but it’s really more important to them to be correct,   to show off. To some, poker just provides an escape from everyday concerns.

  We’ll try to get to know all these players. 

  While we’re doing that, you should be thinking about the question: Why do you play poker  ?  Once you can  answer that question, honestly and completely, you’ll be a big step ahead in   removing the major emotional  roadblocks to maximizing your win. 

  No matter what your reason for playing is, winning is important.  Some of us just couldn’t   play if we didn’t  win.


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