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Strategies to become a winning stud player

The game of poker is like life the amount of effort you put into it determines the rewards you'll receive from it. To succeed in life takes knowledge, experience, determination, and hard work. Yes, you'll make mistakes and meet with failures along the way, but these too serve a purpose.

These same attributes apply to poker. Add healthy doses of patience, self-discipline, and a positive attitude and you'll have what it takes to be a winner in life and at poker. But wait, there's one key element that you'll need to add to complete your recipe for success and that's skill, or what Roy West refers to as the stuff.

I've seen Roys stuff in practice at both ring games and in tournaments. He's simply awesome! And his rare talent for teaching others through both his private poker lessons and through his solid advice in his regular poker column speaks highly for him as a person who can communicate in a way that is easily understood.

Roy has finally made his poker expertise, knowledge, and strategies on seven card stud available to the poker world through his seven card stud: The Complete Course in Winning at Medium and Lower Limits.

In it, he takes you through every step of the game, introduces you to the proper strategies for your three-card starting hand through seventh street strategy, and teaches you everything you need to know to become a winning stud player.

Roys Rules apply to the games psychological maneuvers and though processes his Play Happy rule leads the pack! I strongly suggest that you study Roys book as faithfully as a preaches studies his bible, and you'll be on the road to becoming a strong stud player.

I studied Roys stuff for two years and it helped me win the women world championship in 1982. Enough said?

How to win a poker?

I wish a Course such as this had been publicly available when I first began playing seven card stud. The information was available, but only to a select few. The professionals had it, but they weren't telling. The few books available were primer level and incomplete. And no one was giving poker snstruction.

I would gladly have paid a ton of bucks for the information and strategy lessons printed here, and I would have considered it a bargain! For years my students have been asking me to put my Course Lessons into print. It was they who told me about the gaps in the books, even now, years later.

They complained that the books in print were either for the lowest of limits and didn’t go into enough detail, or were for higher- limit players. There was nothing for the medium limits they wanted to play.

I decided to fill that gap with my Course and include the latest low-limit information, to enable low-limit players to learn the strategies necessary to win consistently and to move up to even bigger wins at the medium limits.

This is the first major seven card stud book in over six years. It contains the very same information that many players paid $520 for sn my private one-in-one lessons. Now it is available to you.

I have organized and presented this information as though you are a student sitting across the table from me having a discussion about how to win at seven card stud medium and lower limits.

Its like having your favorite uncle, who is a professional poker player, teach you how to win at poker.

Special Thanks

This is the place where the author (that's me) thanks the people who came through when needed, there by saving his butt in some instances. The order of mention was determined by drawing the names out of a brandy snifter.

Dana Smith edited my jumble of words into readable form and suggested some additions that I hadnt though about. She then prodded, poked, cajoled, and nagged me until I actually went to my word processor and came back with the material. What a pain she turned out to be.

Because of Tom McEvoy, this is the only seven card stud book that has a chapter on seven card stud tournament tactics. The 1983 World Champion of Poker has thereby made this Course that much more valuable to you.

June Field created the finest poker and gambling publication in the world, card Player, and allowed me a voice in it as a regular columnist. She was no stranger to poker before that, having won the ladies world championship of poker sn 1982. Valuing her opinion, I asked June to do the foreword to this Course.

As I write these acknowledgments, she is probably in her office writing the foreword to this Course. As I write these acknowledgments, she is probably in her office writing the foreword, so I wont see it until the Course is printed. I hope she said something nice.

I've learned more about poker from Mike Caro than anyone should be allowed to learn. Gives me too much of an edge. I suppose that's why, a few years ago, I dabbled Mike, The Father of Modern Day Poker. (Several other noted authorities were a bit ticked at me about that one.)

If I were being politically correct, Linda Johnson should have been mentioned first, being my boss, so to speak. And she gives the best hug in the Las Vegas valley.

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Customer Service and Safety

Is it safe to play online poker? In any case! The online poker sndustry has evolved over the last 10 years and has become one of the most regulated entities on the Internet.

Larger companies such as Unibet, William Hill, Titan, etc. employ thousands of people and some are listed on the major stock exchanges. As we review new pages, we will first be sure that both the software and transaction opportunities both are well-regulated and supervised by objective third parties.

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Poker Bonuses

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Poker Variants

There are a multitude of varieties of Poker. Normally, any poker player's own favorite games, whether st's Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw.

If you have a unique preference when you start your online poker game, you will benefit from looking at the game as miscellaneous sites offer. If your favorite game is Texas Hold'em, you will need not worried about this, for every poker hand on the market offers this variance, and most also offered omaha poker.

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So let's get started, and good luck at the tables!


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