If a person is reading this book, it means that he/she has chosen to dedicate his/her time to playing one of the best forms of gambling that exists : poker.

Instead of whiling away one’s time pushing quarter after quarter into a slot machine, or expending hours at the blackjack tables, where one would steadily lose money in the long run, the person has opted to playa game where he/she, rather than the house, would have the edge. Congratulations!

Poker is inimitable among all types of gaming, as the player is not contending against the house, but against his/her opponents. As a poker player, one would also have the opportunity to blend talent with luck to give oneself an advantage.

Other types of UK Gambling Guide such as sports betting and horse betting also offer good prospects, however they require one to depend on a team or a horse to win them money.

In poker, one’s winning hinges upon ones own talent. Luck is always essential – one needs the desirable cards to fall – however, over time, it’s solid play and practice that would make one a winner.

Played well, poker would offer one unbelievable opportunities. Exploiting on these opportunities is the tricky part.

Peter’s first experience with poker had been at the time he must have been five or six years old. His grandfather had taught him the game, and when he looked back on it, it appears to him that their game was most likely a set up.

Why did he feel that way? Perhaps it was due to the fact that he specifically recalled one hand in which he somehow got dealt four aces and a joker.

Obviously, he had already been addicted as a kid. Fast-forward ten years, and he had become best friends with a person named Chris, who would sometimes host poker parties.

When one was five, having fun was the best part of playing poker. By the time that one had reached high school, one had become conscious of another benefit. It was called money

.The poker parties in high school had been nowhere as fierce as the stuff one sees in the poker moves. One wouldn’t find them playing no-limit Hold’em for $10,000 pots.

After having gotten lucky on a game of ‘in-between’, he recollects making an impact on everyone when he had walked away with a ‘huge’ $30 pot.

Thirty dollars may not have been a lot of money to the chaps at the $30/60 tables, but when one was in poker glossary it had certainly qualified one as a big-time winner.

None of them had become rich from their parties, but they had had a great time, and it had certainly been nice when one could go home with some more money than one had arrived with.