Fifth street


Whether to proceed with the hand at the third street would have been the most important decision you would have to make in a single hand.

A close second, however, would have been whether you wanted to continue past the fifth card ( fifth street ). What made this portion of the stud poker game so significant? The answer had been in the betting.

On previous rounds, you could have placed merely a small bet. Once you had hit the fifth street, all bets would have been for the maximum amount.

The poker game would become more expensive, and once you would have made a decision to stay in at the fifth street, it would have been likely that you would have been staying all the way to the end.

So by this point, you would want either to have had made your poker hand or to have felt that you had a very strong possibility of completing the poker hand.

In stud poker, since the game would get more expensive at the fifth street, it would have been extremely important to know when you should have stayed in till the end.

It would also have been crucial to know when you should have played aggressively to make it very expensive for marginal drawing hands to stay in the pot.

In this chapter, we’ll start with the bigger hands and then finish up with the drawing hands.


In poker, nothing would have been better than having made a powerful hand that you had been convinced had no chance of losing.

So what had constituted a monster hand? The best way to define it would be as a very powerful poker hand that would very rarely have been beaten. a straight flush, quads, or a big full house constituted such a hand.

When you had been playing a monster hand, you should have taken your foot off the accelerator.

Yes, you should have played aggressively when you had been trying to force out drawing hands, but with a huge poker hand you would not have wanted them to be out of the way.

Instead, when you had had made a huge poker hand, you should have eased up at first to see what the other poker players would have done.

You knew you would have had a big surprise waiting for them by the time you got to the last card, so you should have let them stay in. You should have set a trap.

As tempting as it would have been to re-raise in these poker situations, with a monster hand you would have wanted to let the other poker players draw dead to their hands, so you would have won a huge pot.

In the best scenario, your opponents would have completed their flushes or straights, and they would have let you raise and re-raise them by the time the sixth and seventh streets had rolled around.