The Game of 7 Card stud

THE GAME OF seven card stud

Like several players, the first time peter had sat down in a public card room, he had been both edgy and apprehensive.

He had been edgy when playing at the table for the first time, but he’d also been apprehensive to take a seat and get those chips.

Luckily he hadn’t lost too much money at his first public game, from the manner in which he had played, it had been very possible.

He had discovered some things about stud poker, but he knew very little about how to play and what to bet.

He warned people not to commit the same mistakes that he had.

One should learn the following important basics of stud poker play before one goes to the card club, or even the next game that one plays with friends.


Is a straight higher or a flush? Did a diamond flush beat a spade flush? One shouldn’t sit at a poker table prior to reading this section if one had to think about these questions even for two seconds.

a brief explanation of each hand, from the lowest to the highest has been given below. High card: Simply the highest single card. In a deck, the highest card is the ace whereas a deuce is the lowest.

Pair : Any two cards of the same rank, for example, a pair of threes. three-of-a-kind (Trips): Any three cards
of the same rank, such as three sevens.

Straight : Any five, unsuited cards in a sequence, for example, 5 6 7 8 9. Flush: Any five cards of the same
suit – clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades.

Full house: A hand with three-of-a-kind and a pair to go with it, such as three kings and two fives.

four of a kind (Quads): Any four cards of the same rank .Straight flush: Five suited cards in a sequence, such as the 7 8 9 10 Jack of clubs.

Royal Flush: The five highest-ranking cards suited and in order: 10 Jack Queen King ace. A royal flush is the best hand in poker.

If there are two hands that are the same (when both you and your opponent have a flush, for example) the pot isn’t split. The rank of the cards determines the winner in such cases.

If a person has a straight of 4 5 6 7 8, and his/her opponent has a straight of 8 9 10 Jack Queen. The opponent wins, because his/her straight is to a higher card than the first.

The rank of three similar cards determines the winner when two players hold a full house. For example, if your opponent holds a trio of Queens and a pair of Jacks and you hold a trio of fives and a pair of aces.

Since the trio of Queens is higher than your trio of fives, the opponent wins.