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Betting out of turn is an annoying error in poker games.  If a player makes a bet, raises or calls out of turn, his call is ‘frozen’ for the moment, as are any chips he put into the pot, i.e. the call is remembered until the player ’s turn comes round, when it is dealt with as detailed below.  Whatever happens, he may not remove the chips from the pot.  The player whose turn it properly was, and any succeeding player, takes his turn as if the out-of-turn player had not spoken.  When it becomes the turn of the offending player, had not spoken.  When it becomes the turn of the offending player, he is limited in his actions.

  • If the bet, and there has been no previous bet in that betting interval, then he is deemed to have made the net as specified.
  • If there has been an intervening bet, then he is deemed to have called.  If the chips he put in are insufficient for the call, he must either add to them to make them so, or fold and forfeit them to the pot.  If the chips were more than required for the call, then he is still deemed to have called, but the surplus chips remain in the pot and are forfeited.  He may not raise.
  • If a player folds out of turn, and there are two or more players before him who have yet to act, then that player must put in enough chips to call any raise made by those preceding players, although he is then deemed to have folded and so cannot win the pot.  If the intervening players call or fold, the offending player ’s fold is allowed and he does not face a penalty.


If a poker player makes a bet or call, whether it is his turn or not, and does not put any chips into the pot, then his announcement is void. 
            If he puts in insufficient chips for his bet or call, then he must on demand put in the extra chips to satisfy his announcement.


            If he puts in too many chips then his announcement stands and the extra chips are forfeited to the pot, unless he corrects his announcement before another player points out the error.
            When a wrong announcement is made or a player bets out of turn, once chips have been contributed to the pot they cannot be removed.

Exposing cards

A player who folds must not expose his cards in fact cards should not be exposed unless the rules require it in the showdown.  A player who accidentally exposes a card is not penalized, but a player, who exposes cards regularly, whether intentionally or not, should pay a penalty on request of the dealer say one chip to each player.

Going through the discards

No player may look at the cards remaining in the pack after the deal is completed, nor at cards discarded by players during the deal.  A player, who does so, if still in the game, must fold if not in the game he must pay a penalty say one chip to each player.

Dealer ’s responsibility

The dealer should watch for irregularities and draw the attention of the players to any that might occur.  Any dispute in the action to be taken should be decided by the players.


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