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Did it ever occur to you to teach your Spouse the game of online poker? People who have tried know it could be a bad experience. What choice does one have? If a person has any Plans of marrying a World Champion of Poker, he or She must have a little knowledge of Poker. Karen, wife of Poker Champion Frank was keen to learn, but at times he would react sharply and say ‘What possessed you to play like that’?

Though admittedly, she was a good student. She tolerated him (which is quite impossible these days), but she quickly evolved from not knowing what a flush is into a person who got to the finals of a pot limit hold’em poker event, one of which she Competed with Frank. One week she Came up second in a 45-player limit Hold’em local event, the next week she finally wound up competing with her husband at a limit Hold’em tournament (24 players)in New Jersey.

He told his wife that they would save the money they had jointly won which amounted to $2500, in the Bank. He wanted to know if she wanted to continue playing or quit at this point. She said she wanted to continue. Then he went on to beat her that day because he was to egoistic to lose. (He won and lost at the same time).

She proceeded to play at the Bikers Club tournament for ladies three weeks later, and she ended up fourth. That was the end of her Poker career as all her time was spent raising the family and practicing law, so she didn’t find much time to play Poker for the next ten years or So.

Another Poker player Huck Seed taught his girlfriend Dee Luong how to play Poker and she did well enough to play at $50-$100 limit Hold’em Poker. Dee is a well renowned poker player at Bellagio Casino these days. There are several couples known for playing poker, such as Harry and Jerri Thomas of Cincinnati as well as max and Maria Stearn of Costa Rica. You couldn’t say which is the Better couple at playing bracelet poker, but it was made Clear to max and Harry after their wives won the World Series of Poker bracelets.

During the days when Frank was teaching Karen how to play Poker, the day he felt she knew enough to participate at a local $5-$10 poker game, at a bar in Wisconsin. When Karen had been playing for approximately an hour, Frank’s old friend Ben was competing with her. (It is still vivid in Frank’s memory, although it happened several years ago)

"en increased the wager as he had a King of spades and a 10 of diamonds. Karen played blind and she had an Ace and Queen. An Ace of diamonds, ace of spades and a Queen of diamonds were the flipped cards in the Community. At the fourth street the ace of diamonds, ace of spades, Queen of diamonds and the Jack of diamonds were in the Community, which gave Bruce a straight. This worked in Karen’s favor. Karen played for four more rounds at $40. "en had been in quite deep by now. (People who know "en understand why he went red).

The last card to be flipped was the King of diamonds, which meant the Cards in the Community were the ace of diamonds, ace of spades, Queen of diamonds, Jack of diamonds and the King of diamonds. "en had a royal flush! Karen bet. "en increased the wager and Karen gave up as she thought "en had an Ace and a King.

Wow, that was bad luck! The King of diamonds and the Jack of diamonds were the very cards that "en needed to win. The odds of that happening is 22 to 1 times 43 to 1, which gives "en a 956 to 1 chance of losing at the flop! Frank’s wife simply said, Good cards, Ben I couldn’t take that as well as her, certainly not during those days. The fact that she lost that day cost me $500, putting me on the downward slope.

He’d never Seen anyone have such bad luck! Frank told his wife since she’d only Played one hour of limit poker in her life But it is almost rare for one to come across such hands. "en was attempting to pretend so you would quit when you got the aces full and the pair of Queens. His intention was to make you quit a good hand. It was cruel!

Frank was amazed by his wife’s demeanor (it isn’t like everybody was as impatient as he was). Frank asked Karen if she had even realized just how unfortunate she’d been with that hand. She took it in her Stride as though it wasn’t a big deal.


Listen up’ everybody, as this is a true story that happened in the year 2002 at a $5-$10 pot-limit omaha poker game in Kinder, Louisiana. These details were written to me By Jeff Sparks from Houston, who still cannot believe that particular hand.

Small blind (SB): hand: 5 of clubs, 7 of clubs, 8 of spades and the nine of spades: ($800)
Big blind (BB): hand: 3 of diamonds, five of spades, seven of spades and the 8 of diamonds: ($1000)
First place: Pressure: Holds the ace of clubs, ace of diamonds, four of clubs and the four of diamonds: ($900)
Second place: Jeff Sparks has the King of diamonds, King of spades, ten of Diamonds and the ten of spades: ($1500)
Third place: Has the ace of spades, the Queen of spades, Jack of hearts and the nine of hearts: ($2000)
Fourth place: Has the King of hearts, ten of hearts, 6 of diamonds and then 6 of clubs. ($400)

First place (FP) played for $35 under pressure after all the online omaha poker players had bet, he was justified. The ten of clubs, 6 of spades and the four of spades was revealed in the flop. The small blind had a straight draw coupled with a small flush draw, he Bet $150. The Big blind bet $150 although he had weaker wrap and a straight-flush draw. FP bet. And Jeff at SP, decided to play it safe until he got a better card.

TP the nut flush draw called. Finally, the one at the sixth place, who had not too good or too bad cards called. After the fourth ten it appeared as though Jeff had the second best card in the pack when the King of clubs was flipped and the Community now showed the ten of clubs, six of spades, the four of spades and the King of clubs. The small blind checked followed by the Big blind, after which first position checked and Jeff, who was at second position bet the kitty with $1,100.

Ultimately he got the Card that he was looking for when the King of clubs was flipped, which gave him a pair of Kings together with his pair of tens. Third place had a wrap draw and the nut-flush draw too, he Bet all his money, which amounted to $200 more than the amount Jeff had bet. The kitty was so ridiculously high the fourth positioned to call using all his money, which was approximately $250.

After this everybody made up their poker minds to put in all their money too, winding up with four Side pots (The extra money goes into a side pot when the player is all in). The sum total of all the money was around $5800, which was a huge kitty considering it was still pretty early (they’d only been playing for two hours), Jeff decided to wait and see how many of the players would quit.

When the safe Card was flipped, although Jeff had the Best possible Cards he still needed one more, yet that was what put him in a pretty bad state. It was unbelievable that not a single Card remained in the pack, which could enable Jeff to win the kitty. Never mind me, go ahead and take another look.

(This brings to memory the old adage, be Careful what you ask for, you might get it) At this point it seemed the second best card that Jeff could get was the King. He did get the Card, but as luck would have it, it turned out to be the most horrible Card in the pack for him. Ily, the Big blind wound up with the kitty on the fourth street when the two of diamonds was flipped, at this point in time the ten of clubs, six of spades, the four of spades and the King of clubs and the two of diamonds were on the Community board, this was Jeff only lost $500 in that hand. Jeff had the best poker hand, all he needed was one Card at which time he lost $500, that was sheer luck.

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