seven card Stud EIGHT-OR-BETTER

seven card Stud eight-or-better would be another split-pot game of poker. As noted previously, the best high hand would win half the pot, and the best low hand would win the other half, as long as the low hand would be eligible by containing five cards of different ranks, with no card being higher than an eight.  Again, Straights and flushes would be disregarded for low, and the ace could be used as the lowest card. It would also be likely in This game of poker to win both the high and the low stud poker .

The rules for seven card Stud eight-or-better would be the same as those for standard seven card Stud poker, with one exception:If Someone were to make an open pair on The fourth street, there typically would be no option To make a double-sized bet. Only the small bet could be made.

Tip No. 1: Playing hands that would have potential to scoop the pot.

The best starting hand would be rolled-up trips, two aces with a low card, three small cards to a straight or flush and three small cards that would include an ace. All of these poker hands would have A good chance to win The pot both ways, which would mean that they usually would have to be played aggressively.

Tip No. 2: The best high hand on The third Street would also be A good starting poker hand.

a poker hand like a pair of kings also would have A good chance to scoop, Since the low would
have to make at least an eight to be eligible for half the pot.  Though, if Several poker players with low cards showing were to have already entered the pot, many high hands would lose much of their value. Playing for half the pot against a rival with a made low, who also might have a draw at a high hand that would beat you, could be a costly error.

Tip No. 3: The second best high poker hand on Third Street would have to be discarded.

Even Though the best high hand would normally be A good Starting poker hand, the second best high  hand would have to be disposed. You wouldn’t want to play a pair of queens if you were to be against a likely pair of kings.

Tip No. 4: If an ace were to raise, you would have to play very few hands.

Suppose you were to have a big pair. If an ace were to raise, you couldn’t take the chance that you could be against a pair of aces.  And even if your rival were to have only three low cards, he still could catch an ace to beat you.  To play in This condition, you would need three very good low cards.

Tip No. 5: One-way low hands, particularly head up, would have little value.

Suppose you were to be against a high hand, and you were going for low with no chance to make a high. You would win either half the pot or nothing.  If your rival would be likely to make you put a lot of bets into the pot on The rest of the streets, you would have to discard most one-way low hands, unless the pot no limit would already be quite large.

Tip No. 6: If it would be early in The hand and Someone was to be favored over you, no matter what the direction, you should usually fold.

If you weren’t a favorite to win at least one way, and the pot would Still be small you should throw your hand away. There would be one significant exception:If your hand would have even a small chance to win both  ways, you would have to continue to play.  For instance, if you were to have four cards to a medium straight, Such as

and it would appear that you were against a high pair and a better low draw, you would have to
keep playing.


Razz has been a seven card Stud played for low. The best possible hand, known as a wheel or a bicycle, would be a five-four-they-deuce-ace.  Straights and flushes would not count. The rules for razz would be the same as those for seven card Stud, with two exceptions.  First, the play poker player with the highest card on The third Street would Start the action, and Second, the poker player with the lowest board on each succeeding round would be the first to act.

Tip No. 1: Most hands with three small cards would be playable.

Ascertaining a playable poker hand in razz would be simple. You would need three cards of different ranks, with no card being higher than an eight.  Keeping in mind that the ace would count as the lowest card.  The only exception To playing three small cards would be when you would have an eight as your upcard and Several small cards would remain To act behind you. In This case, you may want to fold.

Tip No. 2: Three cards to a wheel would be a very strong starting hand and would have to be played as such.

Any time you were to have three different ranks of cards lower than a six, you would have a very
strong starting poker hand. You should always raise, and if Someone already were to have raised, you would have to re-raise.

Tip No. 3: If you were to catch a bad card on The fourth street and your opponent was to catch a good card, you should throw away your hand.

If you were to catch a face card o the fourth street and your rival was to catch a small card, you
would have to dispose your poker hand, even Though the small card could have paired your rival.

The only exceptions to this rule would be if you were to have started with an extraordinarily strong poker short hand or if a lot of money would already be in The pot.

Tip No. 4: A one-card draw to a wheel or a six would be a favorite over a made nine-eight on The fifth street.

If you were to have four cards to a wheel or a six, and your rival was to have


you would be a small favorite. So if he were to check to you, you would have to bet, and if he
were to bet, you would have to raise.

Tip No. 5: If you were to go to the sixth street, you almost always would have to go to the river.

In razz, as in ordinary seven card Stud poker, if you were to take a card on The sixth street, you normally would have to go to the river. The pot typically would have become large enough by now that you would need only a small chance to win for your call to be correct. The only exception To calling would be if you were to think your opponent was to have caught perfect and you would have no chance to win.

Tip No. 6: You should bluff on The end if you were to have three or four low cards showing and your opponent would need to catch a good card to make his hand.

Even if your poker hand would in fact have little value, if you were to have three or four low cards showing, it would Seem as though you would have a made eerie hand.  By the same token, if your rival was to have two low cards and two high cards on board, he clearly would be drawing to a decent low.  In This position, you would have to bluff practically every time. Unless your rival was to have caught a good card, he would have difficulty justifying a call with something like a queen for low.