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The Wrong Man To Bluff

Back in those days, in about poker 1988 or so, I discovered a $2-$4 limit game in a small place called Players Bar on the east side of Madison.  By that time, I had been play poker card games professionally for about two years, and my game was far superior to those of the others who played there.  Every Saturday, this game would start at noon and go on until bar time (about 1:00 a.m.).

            Even though the game of cards was only $2-$4 limit, I found myself winning about $300 every Saturday, which at the time came in quite handy.  I really enjoyed playing in that game,  because of both the people and the atmosphere.  (Of course, it didn’t hurt that I won every week!) Imagine playing poker at a small round bar table, raised up high low poker and meant for four people maximum, crammed in next to a pool table with the jukebox blasting all night long.  Sounds too loud and too cramped to you?  It was, but I sure had a good time!

            The brothers who owned the bar, Mark and Al Kroon, were two of the locals who played every Saturday. They both played well.(Later, Mark won a Four Queens tournament in 1996, and a free trip to the Super Bowl in 2004 un UltimateBet.com as “Pokerho.”)

            One night, we introduced no-limit hold'em tour poker to the game, and the following scenario, involving Al Kroon and me, came up.  We were playing no-limit Omaha with a $1 blind.  Somehow I got involved calling a bet with a hand in which I had no pair, no draw, going for me.  It was just a stone-cold bluff (king of like what Daniel Negreanu or Huck Seed might try to do to you!).  You see, al bet out $25 with one card to come, and I decided I would call his bet just to bluff him out on the end-there was both a straight draw and a flush draw on the board.  Sure enough, the flush card came off, and I fired out Al’s last $42.

            Al was very suspicious of my bet (for good reason!) and studied me for a long couple of minutes.  Finally, he folded, and then asked me to show my hand.  Naturally, I couldn’t resist showing a bluff, because I figured it would get me a lot of extra action later, when I had the goods.  I then proceeded to turn my hand faceup.  But Al didn’t react the way I thought poker he might have.

            The next thing I knew winner wpt 2004, I was lying flat on my back on the pool table with Al’s hands firmly encircled around my throat! I’ve heard John Duthie Bonetti say many times, “I had him by the throat!” But Bono never meant it quite like this! So there I was, lying flat on my back on the pool table.  Al had my arms pinned to the pool table, and my legs were hanging off the edge.  I was starting to lose oxygen and feeling totally helpless.  Talk about poker bluffing the wrong guy!

            Imagine this: everyone else in the game was trying to pull Al off of me, and I was thinking, “Is this really happening?” I mean, it happened so fast.  One second I’m smiling, showing off my bluff, and the next second I’m lying defenseless on my back on the pool table right behind my bar stool, with someone’s hands around my throat wsop 2002!

            Despite the fact that Al  wouldn’t immediately let go of my throat, I was never really all that worried about my safety.  But I did realize, for the first time in my life, how delicate my throat was, and how easy it would have been for me to get really hurt us poker 1999.

            Within a minute, we were all back playing poker, and I made a point of sitting next to Al the rest of the night wpt 2003.  I didn’t want him to think I was afraid of him.  I just never bluffed him again …ever!


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