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Qualifying For Late Night Poker iii In 2000

One day in late may 2000, I opened an e-mail from a Ronb Gradrner in Cardiff, Wales, inviting me to play in a no-limit Hold’em poker game tournament called Late Night Poker III, where cameras would be installed beneath the table to show the players’ card games and the players’ faces when they looked at their cards.

            “Wow!” I thought poker.  “Sounds pretty cool to me.” I had heard from players living in London that Late Night Poker  attracted over a million viewers each time out, and that it was bringing new players into British poker everyday! Apparently, now that they could see how the game of cards was played, the British public was saying, “I can play that game.”

            After several rounds of e-mails, I learned all about the format for the tournament and wired my 1,500 (about poker $2,250 U.S..)buy-in to Rob Gardner and company.  Forty-nine players were invited to this event, including Surinder Sunar, David “Devilfish” Ulliott (the defending champion), Sir Clive Sinclair (the famous inventor), and Paul Alterman (the winner of Casino Baden’s 1999 European Championship ). 

I asked the organizers if they would let my writing pal Andy Glazer play in this event, but they said that people were already “fighting to get” to the event.  Apparently, this was a poker play card games chance to become famous (or at least known) in Britain, not to mention the fact that the tournament was adding $20,000 ($30,000) to the prize pool.  Late Night Poker  is so big in the U.K. that Jesse may, one of the commentators for the show, signed autographs one night when we were having a few drinks at the Cardiff Hilton.

            The tournament consisted of seven one-table satellites, each taped, with seven card stud players at each of them.  The winner of each would advance to the final.  The seven second-place finishers would all play one last satellite for the right to play in the night-player final.  Each satellite would become a television show in its own right.

            I played on Tuesday, July 5, 2000, at 7:00 p.m. Of course, I made sure to fly in early and get a couple of days’ rest, which seemed sensible, considering that I was flying all the way to Wales for just one event.  Yeah, right! I left San Francisco at 9:00 a.m. on spookey hand  

July 4, and after a stop at JFK, I arrived at London’s Heathrow airport at around 8:00 A.M. on the fifth.  After a three-hour bus ride to Cardiff, it was nearly 1:00 in the afternoon, and I still hadn’t slept a wink during the entire trip!  After I checked into the Cardiff Hilton and my head finally hit the pillow, it was almost 1:30 P.M.Late Night Poker was shuttling the players over to the venue at 5:00 P.M. from the Hilton.

            Great! Three hours of sleep after flying halfway across the world.  Actually, I wasn’t panicked at all, because I knew that if I went for a run, right before the event started, I would feel great for the next five or six hours.  (In fact, I believe that even if I’ve been up for three days straight, a run allows me to be at my best for about five hours, minimum.) I also had a backup plan.  I knew that if I didn’t finish first or second in my event I could fly to Milan, Italy, and watch my sister Kerry, who was racing for the master Team Carpe Diem an Italian bicycle-racing team) in the Giro d’Italia stage race.  (It turned out that she finished about 50th winner wpt 2004.  Nice job, girl!) In fact, having a backup plan made me less nervous about my prospects that first night.  After all, Italy is said to be really beautiful in July.

            After a horrible three-hour sleep, I took refreshing 30-minute run and was ready to go.  The tournament was set up so that play would last about four hours, which isn’t too bad for a seven-player no-limit Hold’em tournament.  The setup called for tight play, and I was playing extremely tight and well within myself.  I was pleased with the way I was playing, and I began to accumulate a large chip lead over the field bad beat poker.

            During one particular hand, an aggressive player raised it up in late position when I was in the big blind with 9-9.  Normally, I think I would have reraised right here, but after studying my opponent for a minute I had a strange feeling that he had J-J.  So I decided to just call his raise.  When the flop came down A-K-6, I checked, and then folded when he made a medium-size bet.  I guess I missed the opportunity to check-raise him off of his J-J on the flop (to bluff him out), instead opting to fold, and thus to show him how tightly I had  played my 9-9 in this five-handed game.  If I had bothered to study him when he bet the flop, then I might have sensed weakness and bluffed him out.

Instead, I flipped up the 9-9 and announced that I had a feeling that he had me beat pre-flop.  He then showed me J-J! thought, “Wow, that’s cool, now I know that I’m reading people well today.” Imagine if I had reraised him pre-flop: I might then have “gone” (literally also!) with this had (played it all-in), and although I might still have hit a nine, I most likely would have been eliminated right there.  In other words, I was feeling really good about losing the minimum to the 9-9, and I was feeling like my reading powers were strong that day limit stud.

            As I continued to build up a big chip lead, things just seemed to be smooth and easy.  I mean, I was playing as well as I could play, and I was catching some cards as well.  When we reached heads-up (the final two), I had about 60 percent of the chips.  Now that I was heads-up, the idea of going to Milan and watching my sister in the Giro d’Italia was out of the question.  Because, at the very least, I would now have to play three nights later in the second-place finishers tournament on Friday night.  And, of course poker event, I was hoping to win my event and quality for Saturday’s final right now.

            After a short battle, I limped in on the button with Jd-4d, and my opponent raised with Ah-Qh.  I decided that he was making a move, so I announced that I was reraising him all-in.  he called me quickly with his Ah-Qh, and I said, “Oops.” The flop was Kd-7d-2c, so I had flopped a flush draw.  I though this was a pretty good flop for me.  Now I could lock him out if a diamond hit, which would complete my flush.

            The next card was the 7s, for Kd-7d-2c-7s, and I now needed a diamond, a jack, or a four to win my table.  The final card was the Js, making me two pair-jacks and sevens.  “Yes,” I thought, “nice card!” I had won my event, but not in the fashion that I had wanted.  I had put my money in with the worst hand and gotten lucky.  I always prefer to win with the best hand;  but, on the other hand pot limit omaha, I had played beautifully all day to put myself in position to “suck out” (get lucky) when I was heads-up.


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