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pot-limit  omaha-what a game.

OK, y’all, the following hand actually occurred in 2000, in a $5-$10 pot-limit Omaha Game of cards in Kinder, Louisiana.  Jeff Sparks from Houston- still reeling from losing this shocking hand-wrote up the details, and sent them to me.

            Small blind night poker (SB): holds 5c-7c-8s-9s ($800)

            Big blind (BB): holds 3d-5s-7s-8d ($1,000)

            Position 1: under the gun, holds Ac-Ad-4c-4d ($900)

            Position 2: Jeff Sparks holds Kd-Ks-10d-10s ($1,500)

            Position 3: Holds As-Qs-Jh-9h ($2,000)

            Position 4:  Holds Kh-10h-6d-6c ($400)

            Position one (P1) brought bit in for $35 under the gun, and all hands called, with good reasoning.  The flop came down 10c-6s-4s.  The SB, with a “wrap” (a multicard straight draw) and a weak flush draw, led at the pot for $150 hold'em poker game.  The BB called the $150 with a weaker wrap and straight-flush draw, P1 (with the bottom set) called, and Jeff (P2) wanted a safe turn card before the put al of his money in the Pot with the top set, so he just called.  P3 (with the nut-flush draw ) just called, and then P6 (with the middle set) just called.

            Jeff got what looked to him (after the fourth ten) like the second-best card in the deck, the Kc, for a board of 10c-6s-4s-Kc.  Then the SB checked, the BB checked, P1 checked, and Jeff (P2) bet the pot for about poker $1,100.  After all, the Safe Card that he was looking for had come-the Kc, which made him a set of kings to go with his set of tens.  P3 now had a wrap draw as well as the nut-flush draw, and decided to put in all of his chips – about $200 mo0re than Jeff had put in limit stud.

            The pot had become so outlandish that P4 had to call with his small money (about $250).  Then everyone else called all-in as well, with about four side pots (when someone is all-in, the extra money goes into a side pot).  That $5,800 made a pretty big pot, especially this early in the night (two hours into the Game), and  Jeff wanted some insurance, or at least to see how many outs there were against his hand.

            Funny thing about that safe card on the turn, thought poker.  It gave Jeff the nuts with one to come, but it also killed him deader than a stone! Can you believe it?  There was not a single card in the deck that could come on the last card that would have allowed Jeff to win the pot.  If you don’t believe me, take a closer look.  (By the way, I just remembered that famous statement: Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.)  In  this case, the off-suit king looked like Jeff’s second-best-possible card.  He got what he wanted, only to find out  that it was the worst-possible card in the deck for his hand poker event!

            Fortunately for Jeff, the big blind ended up winning the pot on the river when the 2d came off of the deck for a final board of  10c-6s-4s-Kc-2d, which allowed Jeff to lose only $500  on the hand.  Repeat that out loud once.  Jeff was lucky to lose only $500 on a hand where he had the “stone-cold nuts”; (best-possible hand) with one card to come first wpt 2003!


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