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T.J.'s WSOP Hand

The 1998 World Series of Poker at Binion’s Horseshoe saw a particularly interesting hand between Kevin McBride and T.J.Cloutier.  In my view, T.J. is one of the best poker tournament players ever.  His fine record over the 1990s makes him a serious candidate for poker tournament player of the decade, and he is an obvious candidate for the Poker Hall of Fame.

            There were three players left in the tournament when this hand came up.  The blinds were $5,000-$10,000, and the ante was $2,000.  Scotty Nguyen folded his hand on the button, and Kevin McBride opened for $40,000 (a $ 30,000 raise) out of the small blind, holding Js-9s.  T.J. called the $40,000 and raised $130,000 with Kh-Qc.  Kevin then called the $130,000, and the flop came 2s-5h-6s.  Kevin checked, and T.J. moved all-in for about $400,000.  After a brief pause, Kevin called, and the card games were flipped up for the cameras and the spectators.

            seven card stud before the fourth card was turned up, T.J. began to reach for his coat.  Sure enough, the Jh came off, and now T.J. needed a queen or a king that wasn’t a spade (four outs) to stay alive in the WSOP 2000.  But the river was a blank (try saying “The river was a blank” to someone who doesn’t know poker event!), and T.J. was sent up to the camera booth with over $400,000 for his third-place finish.

            What happened here?  I don’t mind Kevin’s initial opening of $40,000 with Js-9s, and I like T.J.’s raise of $130,000 with Kh-Qc, because he probably read Kevin as being weak.  But I really don’t like Kevin’s call of T.J.’s $130,000 raise with Js-9s.  T.J. had been playing really tight, and Kevin had to know that T.J. had his own hand bad beat pre-flop.  I believe that the call there with Js-9s was just asking for trouble.

            Much worse than this $130,000 call was Kevin’s check on the flop. What was he hoping to flop?  Turns out that he flopped really well to his hand (a flush draw and two overcards), but then check-called  a $400,000 bet?  Huh?  If you’re going to call an all-in bet with a jack-high low poker drawing hand, then, of course, you should bet it, and pray to God that you don’t get called.  If Kevin bets the $400,000, then he wins the hand night poker there, without having to make anything. 

I don’t mind T.J.’s all-in $400,000 bet on the flop.  His bet would make Kevin fold any ace-rag after the flop, or even a better hand than that, like two sevens or A-J.  So he would win the pot limit hold'em against all bad hands, like J-9 off suit.  Could Kevin fold his hand after the flop?  I don’t think so; once he sees the flop, he’s committed.  (I happened to be doing the commentary during that hand, and I guess I was a bit harsh, but I was truthful.  I usually don’t have a problem with telling it the way it is!)

            By the way, Scotty Nguyen played beautiful poker play card games that day on his way to the 1998 World Champion of Poker.  Scotty was drinking Michelob beer that day, much to the dismay of a bottled-water company that was sponsoring the WSOP in 1998.  Michelob the rest of the year.  This led to Men Nguyen drinking Corona beer at the final table of the poker Tournament of Champions in 1999.  Had Men won it, perhaps Corona would have come knocking on his door!

            The fourth-place finisher in the 1998 WSOP was an old friend of mine named Dewey Weum.  Dewey had a pretty impressive record in the WSOP from 1993 to 1998.  He made the gaming money four out of five years during that stretch.  Even though I had won five world championship by 1993, many players in Madison, Wisconsin, thought poker I was the third-best poker player in Madison! From what they had seen, I was third behind Dewey Weum and Gary Miller.  Gary and Dewey outplayed me in the small pot-limit game of cards we had in Madison.  But how do you ignore five (now nine) WSOP bracelets?  It just goes to show you that the hardest place to get respect is where you live!


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