The concepts of poker and the general theories is been given here which are necessary in every variation of poker from drawing five cards to Texas holding them. The basic rules and steps to play this game are not been provided in this site. At the time of beginning many poker players ask different question such as "at this situation what one can do". The answer to this question can not been given because the question asked is the wrong one. Rules of thumb says that folding one hand, calling another and raising another will not make poker player to win at the initial stage.

The correct question to be asked is "in this particular situation what would you consider before determining what is it?" such considerations is been fulfilled by this site. It addresses that the aspect of poker hand has been dealt after the last card that has played from the ante structure. To become a good and efficient poker player, the book will explain the logic of this game and what sort of things should a reader think about.

To make the concept clear five games theory have been illustrated - seven card lowball, seven card stud, texas hold'em, draw lowball and five card draw. A brief summary of the rules of one or the other games has been given in the appendix for the one who are not acquit with any of this games. Standard poker terms like flop, back door flush, sixth street , on board and such other terms are used. These terms has been explained in the text. The Glossary of Poker terms or any of the definitions has been given in this site if anyone is not confident Features a French language guide to online Casinos, poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Machines sous, casino en ligne and bingo etc play here.

Whose who know basics or want to be the good poker player but does not want to indulge in the workings of the game, this site is being beneficial to them. The content is not easy but careful reading of this site will fetch rich rewards.