Logic of Poker

Poker Tricks and tactics are not the logic of poker. Tricks and tactics for weaker games may work sometimes, for example making a gesture to fold your hand and then to raise after the third man has called. On the other hand, with a collection of tricks and ploys, a super hustler but not a good poker player will not get money against rigid competition. The essence of poker is made through tricks and ploys by some poker writers, the best of them are imprudent. Tricks and ploys are substituted for sound precepts and play by some players. They act churlishly, make other players angry in the game and use any tricks other than to win the money on the table in a good play. The players of professional Las Vegas do not rise to the bigger games and ultimately tricks and ploys are played out, they fade in the night of Las Vegas like many failed gamblers to earn a living driving a cab.

Logic of a poker is not a complete mathematical. To play a better game one needs to know the mathematics of poker. The small part of the logic of the poker is mathematics and more importantly to understand and use the underlying concepts of poker.

To understand, it is important to know that poker is a difficult game than many people realize as it can be more complicated than bridge and backgammon. The depth of the game can be understood by the concepts in this book and also a good player against strong competition. (Naturally, if you beat tough games, you will have some trouble in destroying easier games). The concepts discussed are applied to all poker games particularly relating to limit games. Adjusting properly they also relate to pot-limit and no-limit games. Despite they do not associate with games like high- low split where the poker winners are two in the pot.

Poker's object

Either you are playing $1 limit poker or pot-limit poker in Las Vegas at the stardust or playing poker for fun, for living, everyday or once in a week, one thing must be understood that the object of a poker is to make money. That's where you can make profits, enjoy and the way to score the game. In 1982 poker champion Jack Straus exclaimed he would apprehend his grandmother if she was with him in the pot which is the only attitude a genuine poker player can have when anyone sits behind heap of chips. Whoever your opponent is, whatever the environment is, you should play your game firmly and should play the game to win the money. But this does not mean that you cannot crack jokes or socialize anyone either at kitchen table or in a Las Vegas card room. However, people do not mind to lose their money with a sociable person rather losing with an infiltrator. When the cards are split, you are just a player and not a grandson, friend or a nice guy.

If a poker player wins the pot it does not mean that he is out to make money. Naturally, without winning pots, you cannot win money but challenging to win every pot or too many pots is a losing suggestion. If you win $100 in one pot but lose $120 thinking to win four others, then you suffer a loss of $20. Intermittently you may be in the game where the best way is to win many pots as possible but such games are exception. In most of the poker games, it is more important to save the bet than to win because your real motive is to maximize the wins and minimize the loss. Ultimately, you want the pots to be winning as much as possible than to lose that contain nothing more than your ante. You must remember that to reduce losses by not making the calls, for example the weaker player may make that adds more to your win when the game is finished.

This precept is not followed by many players as it may seem. At all costs, they play and want to win the pots or an individual pot. To make it in a harsh manner the worst of them are the suckers in the game. However, a good player enlarges his endurance to wait for the correct situation to play the pot and develops the discipline which he judges to be the second best.

It is important to think not in terms of individual pots not to pursue money that you have contributed to an individual pot and that is why it is essential to make out that you are not playing in individual games. The part of one big poker game is an individual game. When you play you cannot win every game or session than a bowler or golfer wins in their every match. You must think in respect of your money at the year end or at the end of the month if you are a serious player and make the loss small as possible at the year end or at the and of the month.

Whether you win or lose on a given night is really not important but it should not affect the play. It's easy to get hot, disappoint and dishearten if you are losing. Though you should be prepare to play your every hand correctly irrespective of what you are doing.

The fact of your winning or losing should not allow you to affect your decision either to stay or quit the game. From the point of view of making money, the only reason to play poker is that you are a favorite to the game or a loser to the game. It's a good game for those who are significant favorite and should stay in it. But a bad game for the losers and should quit quickly. To ensure a winning session small winner should never quit the good game. But at the same time, discontinue the play if it is the bad game.

It is a hard thing for tough professional to quit the game particularly when they are stuck or when they have lost their money. Till you remain a big favorite, you should stay even if you use toothpicks to support your eyelids. If the game changes, and if you are an underdog quit the game even if you are a winner or a loser. But sometimes if you are stuck, you should understand the reason that why are you stuck. It might be your bad luck, but may not be. Are many players there who are better than you? Are you sure that there is no cheating going on? You might play worse than you usually do. Are you tired or preoccupied? Do you think of the football game that you had bet or the last four times for a woman who's been busy asking to take her out? Are you disappointed with your bad beat in the session when someone drew a fourth deuce to beat the full aces? The object of poker is to make money and making money includes saving the money on bad nights and winning the money on good nights. You should not worry about quitting a loser. In the long run you will win if you have the best of it just as in the long run roulette wheel winning for the casino.