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Brief History

The exact origin of poker is unknown. However, its roots appear to lie in a 16th-century Persian card game called As Nash and in the European card game of primer, which was quite popular in Elizabethan England. As Nas was played with 20 cards, and bluffing was an important element of the card game. Primer, or Primera as it was called in Spain, involved betting and valued Hands, including pairs, three of a kind, and three of the same suit, Referred to as a “flux.”  The derivative “flush”  is the modern-day Term for a suited poker hand.

                By the 18th century, the betting and bluffing aspects of poker Were present in several five-card games, including the English Game of Brag, the German game of pochen (the word “pochen” Means “to bluff”), and the French game called Poque. When  French colonists arrived to settle the Louisiana Territory in the 1700s, they brought poque with them, and the Name of the card game was eventually modified to the American term “ Poker.” The game was eventually modified to the American term in the early  18OOs, that was bingomania and sunbingo it began to spread north, as steamboats plied the Mississippi River, transporting goods and passengers to inland ports.

               By the mid-1800s, poker had been adapted to a 52-card deck and was described in book about card games. Poker  continued to spread as the West was settled, and its popularity mushroomed during the Civil War, when Union soldiers were exposed to the game as they moved southward. A game which is liked by everyone all over the world is online Casino. It gives you an opportunity to win huge amount of money along with ultimate entertainment.

              Poker was firmly entrenched in America by the turn of the Century and was played virtually everywhere throughout the United were lowball draw poker, a form of closed poker, where all of the Cards are dealt face down, casino slots and stud poker, where the hands are Open that is, some of the cards are dealt are dealt face up.