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General Guidelines

       The basic rules of poker are simple. The objective of Card Games is to win the pot that is, the money or chips placed in the Center of the table. This is accomplished in one of two ways. Either you can show your opponents the best hand which may Be a high hand or a low hand, depending on the particular Variation of poker that you are playing or you can bluff and Convince them you have the best low hand In some forms of poker, The best high hand and the best low hand  each win half the pot. This variation is known  as A texas play after the flop games.

Each online poker is begun by seeding the pot with a token Amount  of money in the form of an  ante or one or more blind bets. If an ante is used, everyone must put a small percentage of the Initial bet into the pot. If blinds are used, one or more players will Be designated to post a bet or a partial bet before receiving any Cards. Blinds usually are rotated around the table, so everyone Pays his fair share.

During play poker card of a hand,  opportunities to bet and raise Occur after each cards is dealt. If at any time you choose Not to continue in the hand, you may discard it, thus forfeiting your interest in the pot. This means, of course, that you do not have to put any additional money into the pot.

If you are the better or raiser and no one calls your last bet, You win the pot. If one or more players do call, then the person With the best hand wins the pot.

Poker is as simple as that. Yet  this basic set of rules, plus a Few additional ones specific to each form of poker, produces a Most wonderful Game that many people will play for a Lifetime some very seriously, but countless others for Enjoyment alone.